Why Ground Protection Mats Are Important On Construction Sites

Ground Protection Mats

Working on a construction site is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the economy. There’s danger lurking around every corner. Every year, millions of construction projections are delayed because of a fatal accident and falling objects. In most cases, workers experience a falling accident on the job. Even not to mention, they could get seriously injured by a moving object that could potentially fall on them.  

Investing in HDPE Ground Protection Mats can help you take preventative measures on the job. These heavy-duty surface protection mats provide a stable platform for construction workers and their equipment. Also, they help protect Mother Nature while you work. Using heavy-duty ground mats will ensure your safety on any construction project. 

Challenges You’ll Face On Construction Sites

Working on a construction site can sometimes feel like you’re on a battlefield. You’ll be faced with tons of challenges, such as weather conditions, tackling uneven terrains, and falling accidents. So, it’s equally important to make a construction place safe for workers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges construction workers should watch out for: 

  • Safety Of Workers And Visitors On Uneven Ground: Unfortunately, industrial job sites are oftentimes littered with uneven grounds and a worker is bound to trip and fall at some point.  
  • Damage To Your Heavy-Duty Machinery: These kinds of hazards often derive from heavy machinery, such as forklifts and cranes, being transported back and forth from a job site. Over time, they start to damage the ground, causing cracks and uneven surfaces to form. 
  • Damage The Softness of The Soil: The condition of the soil even poses a challenge to construction workers. Some soil can prove beneficial to your building plans. However, a construction project can only further damage weakened soil if not properly prepared.  
  • Destroying The Ground: Speaking of the soil, construction work can be dangerous to the environment. Building construction can negatively affect the ground and cause anything from soil rutting to compaction.  
  • Unfavorable Weather Affects Ground Stability: Unfortunately, rain and snow can also delay a project. Workers will spend more time shoveling up Skid Teer tracks and clearing mud, rather than completing a new residential area. 
  • Delaying Projects: Throughout the day, you’re moving your supply vehicles and other heavy equipment along uneven surfaces on the site. This could cause your Skid Teer to break down and lead to a massive delay. 

The Role Of Ground Protection Mats

Ground Protection Mats can make any workspace safer. These heavy-duty ground mats provide a secure platform for construction workers to walk along, as well as transport their supplies to and from the job site. Specifically, the diamond pattern tread provides a substantial amount of traction, so that you and your materials stay upright. There’ll be fewer falls and slips to report on the job. More importantly, they protect your heavy machinery and construction trucks from breaking down on the job. With construction mats for heavy equipment on hand, you won’t have to worry about the chance of your machinery sinking into the ground.  

Additionally, Protection Mats have tons of great features that make them so popular in the construction industry. For instance, they’re polyethylene makeup makes them capable of withstanding the great outdoors and inclement weather conditions. Even their weight capacities make them capable of lifting the heaviest construction material around. A single ground mat can weigh as low as 40 lbs and as high as 95 lbs. It can even support around 60 tons of heavy equipment and has a Crush Rating of 240 PSI. Also, the design allows workers to traverse and drive along it. Not to mention, these mats have been used across several different industries, such as the military, art festivals, and even tree logging sites.  

We’ve already covered some of the advantages associated with using these heavy-duty track mats. However, there are tons of ways a construction company can benefit from using Ground Protection Mattings. Construction workers can drive their Bobcats or Skid Teers across a secure and solid surface that can withstand tons of pressure. They also prevent your equipment from track slipping, rutting, and even causing property damage. Additionally, they can be reused several times over, are easy to install, and have a long-lasting quality. At the end of the day, there’s a lot to love about using hdpe ground protection mats. 

Ground Protection Mat

Choosing The Right Ground Protection Mats 

When it comes to choosing the best Ground Protection Mats for heavy equipment at construction sites, there are several factors to consider. You have to factor in everything from the size of the mats to the material of the mat, and the cost. You want to choose a mat that’ll work best for a construction project. 

They even come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles as well. If you need to establish a quick access pathway over soft soil, then you’ll need to use temporary roadway mats. Maybe you need a mat that can support the weight of your heavy machinery. You can choose either an ultra-heavy-duty or lightweight ground protection mat. 

At Mytee Products, we have the best Ground Protection Mats in town. Our mat tracks will keep you safe on a construction site. Not to mention, we offer some additional hardware that can be used in conjunction with them to improve the efficiency of your job. For instance, our Outrigger Pads and Cribbling Block Stackers help evenly distribute the weight of your heavy machinery over the ground. This way, you can prevent them from falling into a sinkhole. 


1. How much do ground protection mats weigh? 

Ground Mats can weigh as little as 40 lbs to 95 lbs. 

2. How long do ground protection mats last? 

It depends on what kind of condition your mat and if you’re performing routine maintenance on it. Typically, a mat will last up to 10 years. If you buy a heavy-duty mat that’s in good condition and clean it regularly, it could possibly last longer than a decade. 

3. What are ground protection mats made of?

Protection Mats can be made out of a few different materials, such as heavy-duty rubber and composite materials. Though, they’re mostly constructed out of polyurethane. 

4. What are ground protection mats used for?

A single HDPE ground protection mat holds many uses for a construction company, such as providing a stable walking platform for workers, transporting supplies back and forth from a work site and even protecting your heavy machinery from becoming damaged. 

5. Can I leave my grounding mat plugged in all the time? 

Yes, you can leave your Ground Mats connected throughout the duration of your job. However, if you need to move the mats to another construction site, you’ll probably need to disconnect them from their 2 or 4-way connectors. 

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