15 Greek Style Homes Interior And Exterior

White Greek Style Home

From the ancient era to the contemporary times, Greek architecture speaks volumes of culture and art. One can always marvel at the intricate design elements in their infrastructure, be it in their temples, public buildings, or homes. As a result, the influence of the Greeks spread to different countries, including the U.S.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the beautiful homes in the U.S. that follow the Greek house style. Tall columns, white walls, sash windows, pilasters, low-pitched roofs, and porticos are some of the key features of a Greek home. And these are the common elements in the following properties.

1. National Register Greek Revival Home (Wayne County, North Carolina)

Now part of the National Historic Registry, this property picks up the Greek Revival stylebook, especially in the design of its front porch, columns, deck, flooring, double-hung windows, and sidelights. This 4,472-square-feet property has 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, as well an in-ground pool, 3 fountains, circular driveway, gazebo, pool with poolhouse, and a 2-car garage.

National Register Greek Revival Home (Wayne County, North Carolina)

2. Pristine Greek Revival Mansion (Patterson, New York)

This 4,716-square-foot home was built in 1780 and has twelve rooms, two half baths, four bedrooms, and two full baths. The home exudes the classic elegance of Greek Revival home design with its tall interior columns, hardwood floors, portico, and white walls. But make no mistake! The home is also equipped with the latest technology such as a Tesla solar installation, Crestron home automation system, and high-speed CAT6 ethernet.

Pristine Greek Revival Mansion (Patterson, New York)

3. Turkey Run: Historic Dismantled Kit House (Chesterfield Country, Virginia)

Originally built in Chesterfield County in 1836, this property is one of the classic Greek-style homes with its brick materials, porch columns, moldings, and trim. In 2017, this home was threatened to be demolished. So, the local citizens raised funds to dismantle, catalog the parts, document the design, and reassemble the home.

Turkey Run: Historic Dismantled Kit House (Chesterfield Country, Virginia)

4. Beach-front Greek-style Mansion (Malibu, California)

The Mediterranean-style mansion perfectly suits the stunning beach of California, looking like one of those resorts at Santorini with stunning sunsets. The 12,504-square-feet estate has 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a game room, a theater, a wine cellar, and a volleyball court. Most importantly, the beachfront area of the mansion is lined with sun loungers, pergolas, and beach umbrellas.

Beach-front Greek-style Mansion (Malibu, California)

5. The Pillars circa 1856 (Lowndesboro, Alabama)

This two-story home has two porticos with balustraded balconies, one of which is supported by six Doric columns. The interior has a very spacious area, with the first floor having a twelve ft. ceiling and the second ceiling having a 14ft. ceiling. The outdoor area boasts a lush garden with fig trees, huge magnolias, Osage orange, Carolina cherry Laurens, cedars, boxwoods, and other flowering plants.

The Pillars circa 1856 (Lowndesboro, Alabama)

6. Monticello (Charlottesville, Virginia)

This property is the home of the former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, which he himself designed. Pres. Jefferson was reportedly inspired by the works of the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and classical Greek architecture. The home is now listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage and National Historical Landmark sites.

Monticello (Charlottesville, Virginia)

7. Fillauer Lake Estate (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Located near Fillauer Lake, this 5,508-square-feet exudes the elegance and distinct features of Greek house architecture. It has colored glass transoms, hardwood flooring and furnishings, fretwork windows, a foyer, and columns. Although the structure was built in 1888, the residence had been through renovations that equipped it with modern technology for style and functionality.

Fillauer Lake Estate (Cleveland, Tennessee)

8. Bruce/Ollinger House (Pensacola/Bagdad, Florida)

Built in 1860 using pine, tenon and mortise construction, shingles, and recycled ship mast. It also has huge windows that offer a 180-degree view of the nearby Blackwater Bay. It follows the Greek revival home style with its columns, front porch, and wooden flooring and siding.

Bruce/Ollinger House (Pensacola/Bagdad, Florida)

9. Alexander Strong Martin House (Summerfield, North Carolina)

Constructed in the 1830s using solid bricks, this property follows the Greek Revival style featuring finely crafted details such as a double-leaf glazed front door, corbelled brick cornice, exposed rafters, and Tuscan colonettes. The home has 8 rooms and is considered one of the biggest brick homes in Guilford County of its time.

Alexander Strong Martin House (Summerfield, North Carolina)

10. Elegant Southern Finger Lakes Neoclassical (Spencer, New York)

Built in the 1900s, this residence is evidence that Greek house designs never fail to catch attention. This 3,720-square-feet property has 2 and a half bathrooms and 5 bedrooms, and it follows the Neoclassical style. Its distinctive features include very high ceilings, natural woodwork detailing, foyer, columns, maple mantels, and raised panels.

Elegant Southern Finger Lakes Neoclassical (Spencer, New York)

11. Gideon Hastings House (Bethel, Maine)

This 3-story 5,050-square-foot property was built in 1848 and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. As a Greek Revival home, it boasts a decorative metal ceiling, wood floors, and modern amenities for a luxury living (e..g, chef’s kitchen, authentic pizza oven). Outside, one can indulge in the stunning view of the vibrant mountains, plus the 200-acre nordic skiing ground and 18-hole golf course.

Gideon Hastings House (Bethel, Maine)

12. The Lindens’ Residence (Washington, D.C.)

Considered the oldest house in Washington, DC, stepping inside the Linden’s Residence gives one beautiful and nostalgic memory of 200 years worth of culture. Over 50,000 guests from scholars to First Ladies have stepped inside the premises of the property to marvel at its distinct mix of classical, Georgian, and Greek architectural elements, such as Corinthian columns and porticos.

The Lindens’ Residence (Washington, D.C.)

13. Martha’s Vineyard Residence in New York

Need to take a break from the busy New York life? Head to Martha’s Vineyard and enjoy some laid-back island life with a bit of history tour and wine indulgence. Martha’s Vineyard Residence follows the Greek Revival home style with its elegant columns, front porches, porticos, gable windows, beadboard paneling, and hardwood flooring.

Martha’s Vineyard Residence in New York

14. Historic Beauregard Town (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

This home follows the Creole Shotgun Cottage home style with some Greek house interior elements. The 1,272-square-foot home has two bathrooms and two bedrooms with lower window sashes, beaded-board wainscoting, hand-made cypress doors, and heart-pine ceiling joists. The most interesting part of this property is its courtyard, which was made from bricks from a munitions factory in Birmingham during the Civil War Era.

Historic Beauregard Town (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

15. Eclectic Revival Home (Greenwich, Connecticut)

This 16th home might have followed the Tudor Revival home design, but it does have the distinctive features of a Greek home. It has stone and brick exteriors, as well as diamond-pane windows and half-timbered gables. Indeed, the residence boasts a stately exterior and elegant interior.

Eclectic Revival Home (Greenwich, Connecticut)

The Greeks really had a huge influence on different aspects of culture, including architecture. With these home styles, one can say that Greek architectural design is timeless. The stylebook is definitely worth following, especially if you’re trying to come up with a design for your dream house. Or you may try looking for these residences on real estate property listings. Who knows one of these stunning abodes is up for sale!

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