2024’s Top 7 Building Trends

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Emerging from the challenges of recent years, 2023 marked a period of transformation for the majority of home builders. Residential architecture adapted to evolving lifestyle demands, witnessing a notable surge in luxury amenities, dedicated home offices and expansive outdoor spaces. Now that 2023 is coming to a close, designers are eagerly preparing for an even more dynamic 2024. In their pursuit of staying at the forefront of the market, home building companies are exerting unprecedented efforts to provide customers with the latest trends and ignite a fresh wave of home construction. Anticipating numerous design trends for 2024, Brisbane house builders McCarthy Homes explores their top seven picks trends to keep an eye on.

1. Planning Your Natural Lighting Plans

Okay, so we are cheating a little here as natural light isn’t considered a recent trend, being favored as a home design feature for decades. However, we anticipate witnessing a more considered integration of natural lighting plans in home designs in the New Year. With thoughts of embracing the morning or afternoon sun, design characteristics such as vaulted ceilings, open stairwells, splashback windows, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors will continue to gain popularity to cast a radiant glow within interior spaces.

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2. Affordable Elegance in Home Features

Every year, luxury materials, appliances, fittings, and designs become increasingly within reach. As construction costs decrease, a growing number of home builders are incorporating these luxurious features into their budget-friendly models. In the challenging 2024 home building market, we anticipate companies intensifying their efforts to attract a hesitant market by offering upscale details at more affordable prices. We predict a significant trend in entry-level homes towards added refinements such as:

  • Walk-in and butler’s pantries
  • Generously proportioned master suites
  • Spacious outdoor entertainment areas
  • Outdoor amenities like patios and pools
  • Dedicated home office spaces
  • Cinema rooms
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3. Resurgence of Hardwood Floors in Home Design

Over the past decade, home design has predominantly drawn inspiration from minimalist and industrial influences. While this has facilitated the creation of homes featuring clean lines and straightforward materials, it has somewhat lacked in infusing warmth into our most personal spaces. In a departure from this trend, one of the significant changes anticipated in 2024 is a resurgence in the popularity of hardwood and timber flooring options.

With the increasing popularity of hardwood flooring and hybrid flooring systems, homeowners are once again discovering that timber is now within their budget. Timber floors have been a fundamental element of design since the early days of architecture. Now, as other design trends emphasize bringing the outdoors inside, hardwood flooring emerges as the finishing touch. Anticipate encountering more instances of hardwood flooring and similar alternatives in every new construction this year, introducing warmth, texture, and depth to our most cherished spaces.

Kitchen With Hardwood Flooring

4. Blending Interior and Exterior Spaces

Biophilic design has emerged as a prominent trend in recent years. As we reacquaint ourselves with the outdoors as the world normalizes after COVID, upcoming home constructions will place significant importance on interconnected indoor-outdoor spaces. Anticipate encountering enhancements, such as living areas seamlessly extending onto the patio, alongside more intricate designs like internal atriums, verdant courtyards, and al fresco bathrooms. These design elements offer a sensory feast and will play a pivotal role in a world transitioning towards remote work setups and increasingly flexible lifestyles.

5. Mid-Century Resurges on a Grand Scale

When envisioning mid-century design, vibrant pastels, graceful curves, and warm timber from the 40s, 50s, and 60s likely come to mind. However, mid-century design transcends the vintage furniture found at garage sales. Mid-century house design focuses on crafting lively and intimate spaces that ingeniously employ color and form to capture attention. In the upcoming construction scene of 2024, mid-century revival will be spearheaded by home building features such as arched doorways, exposed brick, sunken lounges, and specialized lighting plans.

6. Emphasizing the ‘Chef’s’ Kitchen

In the past, home designers competed to offer the most expansive and opulent master suites, with buyers being enticed by features such as spacious walk-in robes, double ensuites, and mirrored dressing rooms. However, we have reached the pinnacle of the quest for the ideal master suite, prompting home builders to seek fresh ways to captivate their customers.

Enter the chef’s kitchen! While kitchens have always been the heart of the home, they have often played second fiddle to features like expansive living areas or amenities such as theatre rooms. However, the tide is turning, and lavishly proportioned kitchens are now in vogue, with an increasing number of buyers expecting top-notch equipment for their investment. In 2024, anticipate witnessing the expansion of home kitchens to encompass more counter space, larger and superior appliances, walk-in pantries, breakfast bars, wine fridges, concealed storage, and luxurious details like marble benchtops.

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7. Style with Eco-Considerations

With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, sustainable design principles are becoming more essential within interior design. 2024 will bring a notable rise in the adoption of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions, as sustainable and ethically sourced design continues in popularity. Already we are seeing sustainable external cladding outpacing traditional facade options, especially as biophilic design continues to trend forward.

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Independence Temple Missouri, USA

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