A Guide To Creating A Monochrome Bathroom

Monochrome Bathroom

Planning to give your bathroom an upgrade? You can’t go wrong with a black-and-white color scheme, no matter the size or style. Get started with this guide to creating a monochrome bathroom.

Why monochrome?

Monochrome works so well for bathrooms because it naturally suits the space. Black and white both work well with the sharp lines and clear edges of bathroom fittings and fixtures. It also evokes an all-important sense of cleanliness, especially when clutter is minimized, yet can be calming as well.

A monochrome design scheme is also relatively easy to achieve. You do not have to worry about putting together colour combinations but can instead focus on the functional elements and textures. Monochrome is also guaranteed to work well in spaces of all sizes and within any price range.

Finally, monochrome bathrooms are a classic choice. If and when you come to sell your property, this colour scheme will be appealing and attractive – or at the very least inoffensive – to buyers. It also works with a wide range of styles to suit your personal taste, from industrial to Parisian.

Choosing your style

Choosing your style is the first challenge of interior décor updates. What will work in the space and be cohesive with the rest of your home?

You may find it helpful to visit your local bathroom showroom for guidance from experts and to see trending designs brought to life. They can also create a visual mock-up of your new bathroom if you are struggling to grasp the full picture in your head. To get the most use out of this experience, go armed with an idea of styles you like and dislike.

These styles are some of the most effective in a monochrome colour scheme. Pick your favourite:


Minimalism is about simplicity, not plainness. In other words, the design should be focused and uncluttered without being dull.

Everything in a minimalist bathroom should be functional. However, you can still ensure that the room is interesting by incorporating tactile textures and using strategically placed light sources. These breathe life into what might otherwise be a staid and dismal design.

For example, instead of having smooth tiles and surfaces you can play around with raised materials. You can still use classic bathroom options such as quartzite and porcelain, but go for rough-hewn split-face, ridged, or puckered designs. Add in a playful mosaic pattern for a youthful touch.

Maximise your natural light sources as much as possible. Keep windows clear and covered with blinds that offer more flexibility than curtains. Adding a large mirror will help as well as this works to reflect the light all around the room.

Seamless fittings such as sunken bathtubs and built-in storage spaces work especially well in a minimalist space. Go for designs with sleek and smooth edges that blend in with the walls and floor. For compact toilet options, consider wall-mounted toilets or concealed cisterns that further streamline the space.

Monochrome Bathroom Design


Industrial design bloomed in the 1970s. It seeks to highlight the raw architectural space by exposing key features and sticking to black-and-white décor or muted colours.

Revealing a brick or concreate wall or exposing pipework is a dramatic way to embrace industrial style. If this is out of reach for you, experiment with this style on a smaller scale by fitting striking brass or copper taps and having naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Repurposed furniture crafted from a combination of metal and wood is also effective when trying to achieve industrial design. In a bathroom, this might include a corner cupboard for your various bits and pieces or a striking stool or armchair for an ultra-modern sitting area.


If you are after luxury, look no further than Parisian design. This style is utterly elegant and timeless, characterized by marble fixtures and authentic architecture. It is the perfect way to bring the best of heritage design into the modern sphere.

Add black-and-white marble countertops for a subtle touch of luxury or go bold by choosing pure black marble. Only featuring black marble is a punchy look that works surprisingly well in large and small spaces. Pair with dim, warm lights for an in-house spa atmosphere.

For utter opulence, you can run marble around the walls and even floors as well as the countertops.

When it comes to the architecture, if you are lucky enough to have period features in your property make sure that they are emphasised. This might include adding a fresh coat of paint to decorative crown mouldings or maintaining old-fashioned wooden window shutters.

If you are in a modern property, there are other things you can do to fake old-world charm. For example, fit elaborate light fixtures and elegant taps and showerheads. You could also feature an updated wooden blind on an ornate black or white curtain pole.

Finally, introduce vintage furniture to complete your Parisian monochrome masterpiece. Those with space can add a dramatic old-school wardrobe with decorative elements instead of a class cupboard. An ornate mirror can also be a powerful piece in a Parisian bathroom. This can be free-standing or fixed to the wall in front of a sophisticated dressing area – because you’re worth it!

Sold on monochrome? As you can see, there is a reason that it is such a classic choice for bathrooms. This confident colour scheme is guaranteed to work with your space whether it is large or small, and is the ideal way to elevate a wide range of spectacular styles.

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