A Look Into Toby Keith’s House – An Oklahoma Mansion

A Look Into Toby Kieth’s House – An Oklahoma Mansion

Toby Keith has a 10,000-square-foot home in Norman, Oklahoma which features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar, a garage filled with vintage cars including 100 year old Diner, sixty-three chevy Impala, and old seventy three Cutlass. There is an amazing backyard with a beautiful half-moon pool. The property sits on 160 acre ranch. 

Toby Keith, a singer, songwriter, and actor, calls it home, and his smash song, “I Love This Bar,” was performed by the two singers while strumming acoustic guitars right next to the pool. 

In addition to his success in the music industry, Toby Keith owns the I Love This Bar and Grill, a legally operating eatery in Las Vegas that was once among the top 50 highest-grossing eateries in the country. As he says:

“Writing songs and looking for ideas is like blinking my eyes. It’s an involuntary muscle. I do it without thought.”

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The total net worth of Toby Keith is $365 million. More than 40 million copies of his records have been sold, and in 2004 he bought a 10% stake in Big Machine Records, a label home to well-known performers including Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, and Taylor Swift. Also, he owns Wild Shot, the best-selling premium mezcal brand in the country, which generates up to $100 million annually. In June 2022, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

Where does Toby Keith live now?

Along with a mansion in Oklahoma, Toby Keith owns a residence in Nashville, Tennessee as well. He spends most of his time in Nashville as it is the hub of the country’s music industry.  The singer enjoys quick access to all the city’s attractions, including music venues, recording studios, and other facilities for the music business, from his home. Toby Keith’s house address is 4250 36th Ave NE, Norman, OK 73026

Toby Keith’s contemporary house interior

With three stories of high ceilings and hardwood floors throughout, the house’s interior resembles a castle from the 19th century. The kitchen appears to have enough space to prepare meals for Keith’s full road crew, as well as all of their friends and family. There is a pool and beautifully designed restrooms. Despite the exterior’s lack of a more contemporary touch in stucco, the singer spared no expense while outfitting his family’s home.

Toby Keith being interviewed

Toby Keith’s house has a massive outdoor pool and a restaurant

The home of the famous American country music singer has a half-moon-shaped outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, golf course, and a garage that has several vintage cars. The beautiful architecture and design give the mansion a more elegant look. His dad worked for three years with two bulldozers to clean the outdoor space of Toby’s house. There is a family-owned restaurant and bar within his home serving homemade soups, sandwiches and with a live music. 

Swimming pool with a slide
Aerial view of Toby Keith's house
Toby Keith's garage

Toby Keith’s other residences

Together with the Oklahoma mansion, Toby has a 3,428-square-foot home on Nashville’s West End Avenue built in 2000. With thick, black curtains enclosing the big windows, the opulent estate is decorated in various rich, bronzy hues. It has a two-story room with stone flooring and a fireplace, and the walled-in yard has a pool and a water feature. It is presently listed for sale for $1 million. He also owns the coolest old roadhouse venues in America which he calls Hollywood Corn.   

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