A Peek into Lana Del Rey’s $5.8M House

A Peek into Lana Del Rey's $5.8M House

Lana Del Rey, the renowned singer, songwriter, and artist, has recently invested in two luxury properties in Los Angeles, California, which she purchased for $5.8 million in June 2016. The properties boast a spacious 5,432 and 2,829 square feet, featuring nine beautifully appointed bedrooms and nine elegant bathrooms. 

Lana Del Rey's $5.8M House

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With her impressive net worth of $30 million, Lana is known not only for her successful music career but also for her passion for literature, poetry, and art. Further details about the location and the exceptional features of these properties will be discussed here.

Luxe Living: Lana Del Rey’s Two Coldwater Canyon Homes

Lana Del Rey is the proud owner of two exquisite properties located in the prestigious Coldwater Canyon, nestled between Beverly Hills and Studio City. Her primary residence is located on 3415 Coldwater Canyon Ave, Studio City, CA 91604. 

Double wooden staircase

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She purchased it for $3.7 million, is a stunning 5,432 square feet house with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. This elegant house sits atop a long driveway on a 0.2-acre property and boasts a saltwater infinity pool, steam sauna, and a detached guest house. 

Lana’s second property, a smaller yet equally luxurious house measuring 2,829 square feet, was purchased for $2.1 million. The address of this property is: 3401 Coldwater Canyon Ave, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 

Dining room and kitchen

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It is located right behind her primary residence on a 1.9-acre lot and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This charming property comes complete with a lagoon-like pool, a seven-car driveway, and an orchard of fruit trees.

A Dreamy Interior of Lana Del Rey’s Mansion

Step inside Lana Del Rey’s private compound and enter a world of modern craftsmanship and luxury. 

Living room with a fireplace

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The larger of the two homes features 6 spacious bedrooms and 7 luxurious bathrooms. Built in 1936, this mansion has undergone a complete renovation, showcasing a bright and airy interior with a stunning open-concept main room. 

Luxurious master bedroom

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The wooden accents throughout the home complement the white stucco exterior, and the soaring 24-foot wood ceilings with exposed beams highlight the room’s grandeur, providing ample natural light through the windows and doors. 

The chef’s kitchen is a masterpiece, and the entrance with dual staircases and two powder rooms exudes elegance and class. 

Dining room, living room, and kitchen area

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The smaller ranch-style home on the property is equally delightful, with 3 cozy bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Even though this house is smaller and apparently wasn’t as renovated and modern as the larger one, it still has its own guest house and is pretty spacious.

Luxurious bathroom

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Lana Del Rey’s Beautiful Outdoor

Lana Del Rey’s expansive 0.4-acre property, located at the top of Coldwater Canyon, is an absolute dream. Her first home, the bigger of the two, sits atop a long driveway with 0.2 acres of property. The mansion has been completely redone and is modern and spacious. The open concept main room boasts 24-foot wood ceilings with exposed beams and a ton of windows and doors, making it bright and airy. 

Lana Del Rey’s Beautiful Outdoor

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Lana’s main house also features a four-car garage, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, and a detached guest house. The home also has a huge saltwater infinity pool outside, a steam sauna, and panoramic views of the region’s rolling hills. 

Outdoor living space

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The second and smaller home on the property has its own lagoon-like pool, a seven-car driveway, and an orchard of fruit trees. With stunning views stretching for miles and away from the noisy streets and traffic below, Lana’s peaceful compound in the hills is the perfect place for the star.

Lana Del Rey’s Coldwater Canyon Properties: A Celebrity Getaway in Los Angeles

Looking for a serene and exclusive living experience in the heart of Los Angeles? Look no further than Lana Del Rey’s properties in Coldwater Canyon. 

Lana Del Rey's Coldwater Canyon Properties: A Celebrity Getaway in Los Angeles

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This prestigious area is nestled between the highly sought-after neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Studio City and is known for its breathtaking views of rolling hills and tranquil atmosphere. 

With numerous luxurious mansions and estates scattered throughout the neighborhood, it’s easy to see why it attracts high-profile residents seeking privacy and exclusivity.

Lana Del Rey’s Other Properties

The singer-songwriter Lana Del Ray has a notable real estate portfolio in California. While she sold her Malibu beach house in 2018, Lana still owns a vintage cabin in Echo Park and her primary mansions located in the hills, which she turned into her private compound. 

White living room with a fireplace

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Apart from these properties, Lana is reported to own an English Tudor home in LA’s Hancock Park area that she purchased for $2.5 million in 2013. The historic Hancock Park neighborhood is known for its desirability, and Lana’s Tudor-style house is a spacious 4,762 square feet, dating back to 1925. 

Master bedroom with white interior design

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Unfortunately, the property has a less-than-favorable history, as it was the site of a robbery targeting Lana back in 2015. Nevertheless, sources suggest that the star still owns this property.

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