A Tour Of Kenya Moore’s Chic House In Atlanta

Where does Kenya Morre live now?

Kenya Moore currently lives at 70 Burdette Rd, Sandy Springs, GA. She used to share the home with her daughter and husband. But following their split, it seems that the beauty queen will enjoy the house on her own.

The RHOA star bought the property in 2015 at $515,000. Then, she reportedly spent another $400,000 on the renovations and customization.

Kenya Moore’s 70 Burdette Rd, Sandy Springs, GA property

The home has 3,000 square feet of living space that sits on a 7,200-square-foot area of land. It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The house is located in the woods northeast of downtown Atlanta. It is fitted with top-of-the-line finishes and interior features. The property boasts an outdoorsy vibe while staying “classy and sexy,” following the personal style of Kenya.

Kenya Moore’s 70 Burdette Rd, Sandy Springs, GA property

The Amazing Features of Kenya Moore’s Residence in Sandy Springs, GA

When she was just looking for a property, Kenya noted that it was the “ugliest home in the best neighborhood.” It was only sold for its land, and the structure had been gutted. But it was the perfect start for Kenya to work her magic. She transformed the house into the “Moore Manor” she’s proud of today.

Front view of Kenya Moore’s 70 Burdette Rd, Sandy Springs, GA property

In this Kenya Morre house tour, we will look at the clean, linear, and straightforward aesthetic of the property.


A paved driveway lined with trees leads to Kenya’s home. And the structure itself shows off a classy white and brown color scheme that perfectly blends with the environment. It has huge rectangular glass windows and doors.

One of the highlights of the exterior area is the in-ground pool at the back. It’s surrounded by trees. Then, there’s a cabana and play area for her daughter.

Kenya Moore’s home interior

When you enter the door, in the foyer area, you can see a huge black and white abstract painting, which Kenya did herself.

Kenya Moore holding serum bottles

Upstairs, Kenya opted to follow an open layout for her kitchen, living, and dining areas. The second floor also features double-height ceilings with huge glass windows, which makes the area look extra spacious.

  • Dining Area – The space has an eight-seater rectangular dining table, white armchairs, and globe-shaped pendant lights.
  • Living Area – This room is fitted with white tufted furniture sets, an electric fireplace, a wooden center table, a yellow rug, metal plant pots, a sputnik chandelier, and a huge TV. The white, yellow, and black and white throw pillows also added pops of color to the space.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen features a huge 13-foot quartz island with six seats. There’s also a gourmet kitchen, a wine fridge, and a huge stainless steel double-door fridge.

The floor-to-ceiling glass wall of the second floor also opens up to the outdoor dining al fresco. Here, Kenya opted to have a wooden furniture set consisting of a side table, two armchairs, and a center table. This is perfect for intimate dinners.

Room with chandelier and mirror

One of the best features of Kenya’s house is her glam room. This is where she does her makeup and hair. The wall of this room is made with a diamond glass finish, making the area sparkle. The circular chandelier, white couch, and vanity also added to the room’s glam vibe.

Walk-in closet

The master suite is really where Kenya splurged on some luxury features. Inside the master bath, she has a stunning spa, a free-standing quartz soaking tub, another elegant chandelier, and a double shower. There’s also a starburst mirror fixture that floods the area with plenty of beautiful light. Kenya also shelled out a fortune for her Kohler bidet and toilet, a high-tech fixture that cleans and closes itself. You don’t even have to touch it to use it. It plays music and adjusts the seat temperature. Kenya’s massive walk-in closet is also a thing to marvel at. This is where she keeps all her Miss USA, Miss Universe, and RHOA signature outfits. Her bedroom features a huge bed with a velvet gray headboard flanked by two mirrored nightstands.


Neighborhood Vibe Near Kenya Moore’s Property in Sandy Springs, GA

Sandy Springs is one of Georgia’s prime real estate locations. And Kenya certainly landed a great deal with her home. The neighborhood she’s in is one of the most desirable ones in the metro area.

Google Earth view of Kenya Moore’s Property in Sandy Springs, GA

Sandy Springs is a business hub. And it’s home to some of the country’s top companies, such as Cox Communications, UPS, and Mercedes-Benz USA. It also boasts an urban-suburban feel, offering residents a perfect blend of privacy and accessibility. There are also lots of green spaces to visit to enjoy that much-needed personal space. Abernathy Greenway and Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area are two of the most popular ones to visit. The Heritage Park downtown is also a great place to drop by. Aside from the parks, Sandy Springs residents also get to enjoy a stellar night light and a mix of boutique and antique shops.

All things considered, the Moore Manor is the perfect haven for a celebrity and beauty queen such as Kenya. Her beautiful home in the middle of the woods can give her the relaxation she needs after a hectic day or week.

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