A Tour of Alice Stewart’s Chic House in Alexandria, Virginia

alice stewart house

Alice Stewart, a renowned political commentator and veteran political advisor, resided in a charming house in Alexandria, Virginia. Known for her work on numerous Republican presidential campaigns and her insightful commentary on CNN, Alice Stewart was a respected figure in the world of politics.

Where Did Alice Stewart Live?

Alice Stewart’s house was nestled in the Belle View neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. The exact address is not publicly available, but the area is known for its peaceful suburban charm and close-knit community.

Inside Alice Stewart’s House

While specific details about the interior of Alice Stewart’s house are not publicly available, glimpses from her Instagram suggest a home that mirrors her personality and career. Her living room features a cozy and relaxed setting, with a white entertainment console under a wall-mounted TV. A large, dark wood coffee table holds a decorative tray and remote controls. A plush, light-colored armchair adds comfort, while neutral tones, framed artwork, and greenery create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Alice Stewart’s living room

Alice Stewart’s living room

The dining room is elegantly arranged with a formal table setting. The table, covered with a crisp white tablecloth, is adorned with fine china, crystal glassware, and polished silverware, exuding a classic, refined atmosphere. Dark wood chairs with intricate backs encircle the table. The room’s walls are a soft beige, enhanced with a white chair rail for a traditional touch. Framed artwork and photographs add a personal and cultured element to the decor. The space is further characterized by a sideboard holding candles and decorative items, contributing to the room’s sophisticated and inviting ambiance.

Alice Stewart’s dining room

Alice Stewart’s dining room

The Outdoor Area of Alice Stewart’s House

The outdoor area of Alice Stewart’s house, like the interior, remains a private matter. However, given the location of her home in Alexandria, it’s likely that the property boasted a lush garden or a cozy patio, perfect for quiet reflection or casual social gatherings.

The Neighborhood of Alice Stewart’s Main Residence

Alice Stewart’s house is located in the upscale Belle Haven neighborhood, a community known for its historic charm and scenic beauty. The area is home to many notable figures and offers a peaceful, family-friendly environment. Belle Haven’s proximity to Old Town Alexandria provides residents with easy access to boutique shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions.

Alice Stewart’s neighborhood

Alice Stewart’s neighborhood

Other Houses Owned by Alice Stewart

While Alice Stewart’s primary residence was in Alexandria, Virginia, there is no public information available about any other properties she may have owned. As a private individual, Alice Stewart kept details of her personal life discreet.

Facts About Alice Stewart

  1. Who was Alice Stewart?
    Alice Stewart was a CNN political commentator and a veteran political adviser who worked on several GOP presidential campaigns.
  2. When and where was she born?
    Alice Stewart was born on March 11, 1966, in Atlanta.
  3. What was her role at CNN?
    Stewart came on board CNN as a political commentator before the 2016 election and frequently appeared on air to provide insight on the political news of the day.
  4. When and where did she pass away?
    She was found dead outdoors on May 18, 2024, in Belle View, Virginia.
  5. What was the cause of her death?
    The authorities stated that she had had a medical emergency. No foul play is suspected.
  6. What was the reaction to her death?
    Her death was mourned by many, including her colleagues at CNN and politicians she had worked with. They remembered her for her political savvy, unwavering kindness, and her love for America.

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