Digital Signage For Commercial Real Estate: How To Benefit From It?

Digital Signage

Far too many agents put in extra hours in the real estate industry rather than using more efficient methods, such as digital signage. It may be something that comes with the territory, but depending on static signage implies a tremendous effort anytime a property sells, its price changes, or seasonal changes cause present signage to become out of date.

Here, the use of digital signage as a remedy becomes very useful. Now that the technology is here with us, you can ditch the static signs in favor of digital ones that you can easily update and use in various ways to promote your listings. The following is how digital signage can improve your success in commercial real estate:

Separate yourself from the pack

The real estate market is quite competitive. In high-demand locations with a significant concentration of brokers, competition is fierce since each broker knows how much business can be generated by selling houses and apartments in that area. Marketing using digital signage can help you stand out from the crowd by showcasing that you’ve got the cutting-edge communication skills many customers seek. But ensure to be up to date with digital signage prices and settle for one that fits your budget and delivers the most user benefits.

Updating listings more easily

The real estate market is dynamic and always shifting, so players should be able to respond and adapt quickly. Digital signage for real estate enables you to present and update property listings at any time, from any location, unlike conventional signage, which might take weeks to update.

For instance, was a much-anticipated home suddenly pulled from a sale? Just pull out your mobile device, log in to the content management system (CMS) you’re using, and remove the property from the list of available properties you’re seeing. It’s as simple as that.

Provide customized material for each target demographic

It’s been said that location is everything in real estate. That goes double for your digital signage. With several offices, you can expect customers from all walks of life to come calling. People’s ideal living arrangements might vary widely—for some, it’s a two-bedroom condo in the city center, while others may choose a spacious house in the suburbs.

Digital signage at your storefront is only as effective as the content shown on the displays. Nevertheless, you do realize who you’re talking to, right? You may modify your content for certain audiences, times, and places. You can select material when it becomes relevant via scheduling and playlists.

Likewise, do you have a group of clients who shop on their way to or from work? You can speed up the display to enable such an audience to see more houses. People could pass by at 10 a.m. on their way to the Yoga class on the corner. So, you market just those homes to families with a yoga studio.

Customers will be more interested in your store if you tailor material to them depending on when and where they pass by. Customizing the digital material for each visitor, something that many other companies aren’t doing, should be a breeze using this tool.

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Publish testimonials and reviews

According to a recent poll, consumers rely heavily on product reviews before purchasing. It serves as social evidence to confirm the quality of a product or service and inspires confidence in prospective buyers.

It is rare for prospective customers to know they want to buy a home from a certain real estate company before they visit that company. They will probably see many real estate agents before settling on one. There’s always the possibility that they’ll appreciate a property that a real estate company is selling but may ultimately decide against purchasing because of concerns about the company’s reliability.

Using digital signage to showcase positive feedback from satisfied customers is a great way for real estate agencies to counteract this issue. It gives new customers an inside look at how happy former customers were with the company’s service. Displaying reviews and testimonials on digital signage is a great method to earn the confidence of potential buyers and increase the likelihood that they will buy a home from your real estate company.

Adding visuals, such as photos or videos or real-time displays of reviews, to your website and social media platform is all it takes to add credibility to your customer testimonials. Potential customers would likely visit your pages to check additional reviews, making this a covert way to encourage development in your social media following.


The need to attract investors or business customers is especially pressing in commercial real estate. The real estate industry is very competitive, so staying ahead of the competition requires you to be a step ahead with your marketing technology. While digital signage is relatively new, it is now indispensable for every commercial real estate agent or broker who wants to promote their services effectively.

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