How To Choose The Right Garage Door Style For Your Home

House With A Garage Door

It’s not a secret that shopping for a new garage door can be a hassle. Given the variety of options available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the process. Pricing and the materials you use are other important considerations when purchasing.

Careful preparation is well worth it since a new garage door can be one of the home improvement projects with the greatest potential return on investment. That’s because picking a garage door that matches your house’s style may do wonders for its visual attractiveness. The appearance of your garage door is a chance to make an excellent first impression.

In addition, a recent study demonstrates how much consumers value garage doors by showing a consistent annual growth from 2013 through 2021. Buying a new garage door can be challenging if it’s your first time doing so because there are so many options to consider.

However, by learning and considering these tips, you may zero in on a door style that perfectly matches your requirements and preferences.

Things to consider before purchasing a garage door style

Garage doors aren’t like regular interior doors in the house, as there are many overhead garage door options to consider when shopping. Read on to learn how you can narrow down your choices.

1. Select the most appropriate material for your garage door

Garage door materials should be chosen with consideration of the local weather. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common garage door materials.

  • Wood – It has a charming, old-fashioned style that’s unparalleled. A door can be altered to suit your home’s decor better. Because wood often splits and cracks. However, they do need a bit more upkeep than other materials. You might need to repaint or re-stain after a given period, no matter what finish you choose.

  • Steel – It’s the most common choice, and it may be found in many different colours, shapes, and sizes, with a wide range of glass and insulation options to suit your needs. Changing the arrangement of your windows can give your home a more contemporary feel. You can find a door that fits your needs and your budget. Because they’re built to last, they work well in places where storms often happen or where safety is the most important thing.

  • Aluminium – Upgrade your home’s aesthetic with aluminium garage doors for a more contemporary look. These sturdy entrances will not corrode or rust over time.

  • Fibreglass – It’s tough to find a better insulator than fibreglass, and it’s also resistant to splitting, denting, and cracking, as well as rust. The downside to fibreglass is that it can be costly.

  • Vinyl – Long-lasting and simple to maintain, vinyl garage doors are a great option. You can select from a few unique designs. They won’t rust and make a fantastic addition to coastline properties.

These are the five most common materials to choose from when purchasing or having a garage door made. All the materials have their strengths and weaknesses; it just depends on your location’s usual climate and your allocated budget.

2. Make sure your chosen design meets all necessary safety standards

Your garage door, like the exterior doors of your home, needs to serve as an entrance to and an exit from your property while also meeting all applicable safety standards. Your choice of garage door opener and door opening mechanisms will be primarily determined by the size of your garage and the type of door you install. 

Additionally, see a professional to learn more about the benefits of the roller, canopy, side hinged, and sectional garage doors. They are trained to determine which mechanism will work best in your garage.

Installing A Garage Door

3. Be consistent with your colour scheme

It’s essential to choose a garage door colour that complements the exterior of your home. It’s typical that homeowners should use no more than three colours in their exterior design: a field colour to serve as the primary colour, a trim colour for components like door frames and awnings, and an accent colour for shutters and doors.

Choose a garage door that complements the primary colour of your home or paint it to match. Doing so makes your home appear larger and more uniform from the street. Make sure it’s not too bold of a colour, even if it’s a complementing one, or your home’s overall look may suffer.

That said, you can still repaint your garage door in the future if you realize a better colour scheme for your house’s aesthetics. However, it’s still best to get the colour right on the first try when installing a new door.

4. Refrain from spending too much or too little

In most cases, the cost of a high-tech garage door is likely to be undervalued. When you assume things are costly, you look for the least expensive source, which may not always provide the best quality. 

Even worse, you could get a garage door that’s too expensive and ends up leaving you short. Spending no more than 1% of your home’s worth on a garage door is recommended.

5. Select a reliable supplier

Designing and installing a core part of your house, such as your garage door, requires skill and experience. 

To ensure you get the greatest service and product possible, asking the right questions when vetting potential vendors and contractors is essential. For what length of time has this provider been operating? Can the company provide examples of its work to demonstrate its competitive advantage?

Stay on top of these details, and you can rest assured that you will work only with ideal partners. Remodelling a home or putting in a new home garage is a significant undertaking since you want it to last for many years. It’s essential to avoid making any mistakes that could lead to expensive repairs down the road.

It takes time, but if you take a thorough look at Garage Wholesalers previous work, testimonials, and portfolio, you should be able to determine if they fit your needs best.

6. Pick a design that improves your curb appeal

When someone visits your home, the garage door is one of the first visual attractions they’ll notice. The garage door is usually highly visible from the street, especially when viewed from the other side of the street.

Choose one that boldly proclaims your dedication to fine craftsmanship. If you ever decide to put your home up for sale, you’ll be glad you spent the money on essential house details, such as a lovely garage door, to raise its curb appeal and value.

7. Check if you can benefit from additional insulation

Insulation may be necessary if you live in a very cold or warm area. With proper insulation, your garage door may serve as a thermal barrier, keeping the elements out and your car and other valuables safe. Having an attached garage can have a significant effect on the home’s energy efficiency. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to think about insulation. If you have a living space above your garage, adding more insulation to the garage door can help keep that space at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank. If money isn’t an issue, you may want to consider fibreglass insulation.

Hopefully, these seven considerations can help you decide which design fits your house best and remember other essential features, such as insulation and safety hazards.


If you know what you’re looking for, picking the right garage door style for your house can be a breeze. Just see to it that it’s aesthetically pleasing, complements the exterior of your home, and can withstand your local weather. Don’t forget to regularly maintain your garage door at least twice a year to keep it functional and pristine.

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