Kids Removable Wallpaper Ideas For Nursery, Kids Room And Teen Room Design

Kids' Bedroom

When it comes to the kids room interior design, we want to create a dreamy, welcoming and cozy atmosphere that allows their imagination to fly for creative thinking, learning new skills and having a peaceful rest. Installing kids wallpaper can be an effective and fast choice to give the kids room a fun theme or a dreamy character. With countless kids removable wallpaper designs available, it can become a tricky task to find the most suitable peel and stick kids wallpaper. To give you some inspiration for your nursery, kids room or teen room interior design, here will be some kids room wallpaper ideas with different kids room wallpaper designs for every taste.

Cute Nursery Wallpaper

Nurseries often are associated with nurturing, calming and soft tones that together create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. And since a newborn’s retina does not completely develop for the first weeks, they can only see around 10-12 inches clearly, therefore, it is important to support their visual and brain development. This can be done by introducing contrasting black and white shapes and patterns, as research has proven that black and white colors send stronger signals to the baby’s brain. Therefore, choosing an interesting and contrasting black and white wallpaper pattern, for example, for an animal themed nursery, safari themed nursery or jungle nursery can grab a stronger baby’s interest.

Cute Nursery Wallpaper

If however, you would like to add a warm light tone to the wall covering, a soft and delicate option can be the above seen Light Peony Design Large Wall Mural For Nursery from the Nursery collection from Think Noir that can create an elegant and feminine look for a timeless floral nursery design. Floral and botanical wallpaper can be an ideal choice for a soft and welcoming nursery design for a baby girl that can later on be a gorgeous wall covering for a girls room as well. And as large scale patterns are in trend, if you love a floral style, then this cute peony design can definitely be one of the best peel and stick wallpaper for nursery and bring an enchanting flower garden atmosphere to the room.

Timeless and Fun Kids Room Wallpaper

Timeless and Fun Kids Room Wallpaper

If you are looking for kids room ideas for a timeless design but prefer some patterns and color on the kids room walls instead of simply plain painted walls, there are many and different kids peel and stick wallpaper styles to choose from for a timeless design. Light and neutral tones can create a cute kids room that can still work later on for a teen room design, therefore, only having to change the furniture and decor. If neutral tones are just in your style, the Cute Watercolor Spot Wallpaper For Kids Room from the Toddler & Kids Room Wallpaper collection seen in the photo above could be a great option as a lively and timeless kids peel and stick wallpaper for a cute kids room. If you love the warm boho style, then this wallpaper design can work as a fun base for a boho kids room interior.

Another great choice for an eye-catching and interesting wall covering for a kids room is animal print wallpaper. Animal peel and stick wallpaper can create a joyful and adventurous interior to enhance children’s interest and desire to explore and learn about the world. Furthermore, animal print wallpaper can be a perfect and fun choice for a kids playroom to increase kids imagination for an interesting and joyful play time. Find different kids peel and stick wallpaper designs in animal themes and in different colors from daring to more neutral and customizable colors at Think Noir.

Eye-Catching Teen Room Wallpaper

Eye-Catching Teen Room Wallpaper

Black and white could be one of the most timeless interior design color combinations and a great choice for a teens room for a simple yet elegant design. If you want to add a sense of class and luxury to the teens room, then art deco designs can be a perfect choice. Above we can see the Black Scallop Art Deco Wallpaper from the Junior & Teen Bedroom collection that can be an eye-catching pattern for both girls and boys rooms. A black and white art deco wallpaper can create a gorgeous accent wall and allow you to combine the wallpaper with daring and colorful furniture and decor without making it seem too overwhelming.

If a more daring and colorful wallpaper design feels like more in your style, another modern wallpaper choice can be a jungle and tropical wallpaper design for a jungle themed room. Tropical wallpaper can be a fun choice for a kids room as well, therefore, this wallpaper style can stay suitable for years in a kids room and allow you to only swap the kids furniture and decorations to options more suitable for a teen room interior. If tropical wallpaper has grabbed your interest, at Think Noir you can find multiple styles in different colors.


Designing a nursery, kids room or teen room can be an exciting task and a challenge one at times as well. If you know the wallpaper style you would like to go with but find it challenging to find it in the colors you prefer, at Think Noir most of the wallpaper designs are available to order in custom colors, therefore, allowing you to choose your favorite kids wallpaper design and make it in your style.

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