A Look Inside Kate Moss’ House

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is easily one of the few models in the world who can pull off almost any type of style. From chic to grunge, she has worn them all during her modeling career that spans over three decades. She holds a distinctive appeal, which made her a top pick for the front cover of some of the world’s leading fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and Esquire.

Of course, as a style icon, her unique design taste translates into how she decorates her home. In this post, we’ll take a look at her abode at The Cotswolds.

Where does Kate Moss live now?

After over three decades of enjoying the limelight, Kate Moss has traded the hectic city vibe for a more laid-back life. She’s now living at Little Faringdon, a village in The Cotswolds. The village is situated in south-central England just outside the busy city.

As befitting a model with timeless beauty, Kate’s home is a Grade II listed property. Based on UK’s building guidelines, Grade 2 listed properties are structures “of special interest warranting every effort to preserve it.” This means that her home is protected from being extended or demolished. It’s also not to be significantly changed without special consent from the local authority.

Kate bought her 10-bedroom Cotswold estate for £2 million in 2003. And it’s where she usually spends the summer months since then while spending most of her time at her pad in London. When she put her London pad on the market in late 2021, though, her Cotswolds mansion became her primary residence.

Kate Moss' house

Sneak peeks of her cozy and chic Cotswold country home came out when her younger sister Lottie posted photos of herself on social media with different parts of the house as the backdrop.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Kate and her boyfriend spent most of their time inside the mansion. Her sister Lottie also accompanied them many times.

In an interview, Kate said that she felt more at ease with the vibe at The Cotswolds. She was able to do things she could never do in the city, such as cooking on a fire and sleeping outside. Having spent her childhood in Croydon, she said she didn’t get the chance to do these things. And she and her boyfriend felt the countryside lifestyle suited them better.

Living room with a blue and gold sofa

What makes her home’s stylebook beautiful and unique?

The renovation restrictions on her property might pose a challenge in decorating the home. But that’s not really a problem for Kate. She can wear a simple design t-shirt and ripped jeans and make it look glam. Even some of her ‘90s outfits are still cool today. So, there’s no reason she can’t transform her Grade 2 listed property into a glam haven for herself and her family.

Based on images from listings and social media, these are the top features of her Cotswolds property:

  • Interior area

Kate opted to have bold and bright colors for the interior. In some areas, the walls are painted deep red. Meanwhile, in other rooms, the walls have wooden panels painted in neutral tones. There’s also a light pink-colored room with a chaise lounge above which a huge picture of a nude woman was hung. Still, in another room, Kate opted to decorate the wall with a quirky cartoon-style painting of a tree.

Living room with leopard accents

For the interior furnishing and fixtures, Kate opted to have huge glass windows and stone flooring. In many areas of the house, she has crisp white linen sheets and dark-wood furniture. The living room boasts sleek bookcases with stacks of books. Then, there’s a one-of-a-kind red floral sofa.

Meanwhile, Kate revealed in an interview that the master bathroom is her favorite spot in the mansion.

The sitting room exudes a classic vibe. The walls are painted deep red. There are also wooden shelves, a monochrome lamp, and a picture of a young Queen Elizabeth hung on the wall. The fringed light blue curtain wrapped up the Cotswolds’ mansion’s chic countryside scene.

Bathroom with a bathtub in the middle
Bathtub and bathroom sink
  • Facade and outdoor area

The property’s outdoor area is equally appealing. It has a stone brick facade and a huge garden. There’s also a pond with a statue next to it. As you enter the property, you’ll walk on a gravel path that leads to a white stable door. There are also flower displays hanging in different areas of the home.

The Cotswolds Neighborhood Vibe

Many celebrities have called The Cotswolds their home. For one, the Beckham family settled in the village in 2016. But the best thing about the neighborhood is the fact that it’s the gateway to many of the UK’s iconic cities. From here, you can reach Oxford, Bristol, and Bath easily. There is also a wide selection of chic cafes, racecourses, top-notch restaurants, and shops to visit. Castle Combe, dubbed England’s prettiest village, is also in The Cotswolds area.

Want some truly unique design inspiration for your home? Take some from Kate’s Cotswolds’ home stylebook. Her decor, furnishings, and choice of color scheme are truly as iconic as she is. Or if you want other insights, refer to our other celebrity home blogs.

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