Discovering Kate Moss’ Tranquil Cotswolds House

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Kate Moss’ house in the picturesque Cotswold countryside, nestled among rolling hills and meandering streams, is the enchanting home of one of the world’s most iconic supermodels. Her idyllic Cotswold residence is a true testament to her remarkable success and exquisite taste. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Kate Moss’ house in Cotswold, unveiling the details of her house purchase story, the property’s features, and a glimpse into the celebrity’s life.

Where Does Kate Moss Live Now?

Kate Moss’ house in the Cotswolds is truly a sight to behold. While the exact address is not publicly disclosed for privacy reasons, this stunning property is located in the village of Little Faringdon, a charming spot in the Cotswolds. The address is a well-kept secret, but it’s not hard to see why Kate Moss fell in love with this beautiful region.

Kate Moss’ Unique House Interior

Kate’s enchanting Cotswold estate, which she acquired for a modest sum of £2 million in 2003, boasts ten bedrooms and interiors that reflect her personal taste and unique style. Kate opted to have bold and bright colors for the interior. In some areas, the walls are painted deep red. Meanwhile, in other rooms, the walls have wooden panels painted in neutral tones. There’s also a light pink-colored room with a chaise lounge above which a huge picture of a nude woman was hung. Still, in another room, Kate opted to decorate the wall with a quirky cartoon-style painting of a tree.

There is a representation of one of her rooms and on the right wall, there’s a fireplace which adds a cozy and warm element to the room. It’s a classic feature that contrasts nicely with the modern aesthetic of space. The walls are painted in a light brown color, providing a neutral backdrop that enhances the modern furnishings. The dark brown rug on the floor adds depth and warmth to the room. The room is furnished with a black sofa, a glass coffee table, and two armchairs. The choice of furniture, with its clean lines and minimalist design, contributes to the modern look of the room.

Kate Moss’ living space

Kate Moss’ living space

Kate Moss herself has identified the master bathroom as her favorite spot in the mansion, offering a glimpse into her personal oasis within the estate. The bathroom that exudes a vintage feel is characterized by a high ceiling, which gives it a spacious and airy feel. It’s decorated with a mix of modern and antique elements, creating a unique blend of styles that is both elegant and timeless. The focal point of the room is the freestanding bathtub with gold fixtures, which adds a touch of opulence to the space.

Kate Moss’ bathroom

Kate Moss’ bathroom

Complementing this is a double vanity with a marble countertop and gold fixtures, enhancing the room’s luxurious feel. The walls are painted in a soothing light green color, providing a calming backdrop to the room’s grand features. Two large mirrors are placed on either side of the bathtub, reflecting light and making the room appear even more spacious.

Kate Moss’ bathroom

Kate Moss’ bathroom

One of Kate Moss’ guest bedrooms exudes a traditional and luxurious feel. Dominating the center of the room is a four-poster bed, adorned with green and gold bedding and a canopy with patterned fabric. This bed, with its grandeur and elegance, sets the tone for the rest of the room. The room’s decor is characterized by dark wood paneling and a fireplace, elements that add a touch of warmth and coziness to the space. The walls are covered in a green and gold wallpaper with a floral pattern, complementing the bedding and adding to the room’s overall aesthetic.

Kate Moss’ guest bedroom

Kate Moss’ guest bedroom

Kate Moss’ Outdoor Area

Beyond the charming interiors, the property’s outdoor area is equally captivating. A stone brick façade provides an elegant and lasting impression, while a vast garden stretches out, inviting you to embrace the beauty of the Cotswolds landscape. A serene pond adorned with a statue is nestled within the estate, adding to the idyllic ambiance.

As you approach the property, a gravel path guides your way to a distinctive white stable door. Flower displays are thoughtfully arranged in various corners of the home, enhancing the estate’s natural allure and offering a delightful sensory experience for its inhabitants.

Kate Moss’ Neighborhood

The Cotswolds is known for its charming villages and rolling hills, and Little Faringdon is no exception. Kate Moss’ house is surrounded by a quaint and peaceful neighborhood, where the pace of life is unhurried, and the scenery is postcard perfect. Many celebrities have called The Cotswolds their home. For one, the Beckham family settled in the village in 2016.

Other Houses Owned by Kate Moss

While Kate Moss’ house in the Cotswolds is undoubtedly the jewel in her real estate crown, the supermodel has made some other noteworthy property investments. Although these are not the focus of our article, it’s interesting to note that she has owned residences in some of the most coveted locations around the world.

One of her properties, a stunning townhouse in London, is a testament to her urban sophistication. In addition, she has been known to frequent her stylish beachfront villa in Saint-Tropez, a place where she can enjoy the sun and sea in the lap of luxury.

Kate Moss’ former London house

Kate Moss’ former London house

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