A Quick Look At Tom Hiddleston’s House In London

Tom Hiddleston

Whether you’re a fan of Avengers and Marvel movies or not, perhaps you’re familiar with Tom Hiddleson in many other films. Since his launch to stardom in the entertainment industry, he has starred in at least 31 films. But as of recently, in the Thor movies, he’s the mischievous god we can’t just help but love! His fame is without question; his wealth is well-managed. And it’s not a surprise he can afford one of the most expensive properties in the world! The actor is now a resident of Primrose Hill, a highly coveted area in North London. His property reportedly costs $6,730,000.

The Primrose Hill Neighborhood

Several Hollywood A-listers have made Primrose Hill their home, including Jude Law, Kate Moss, and Daniel Craig. Even the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson used to live here! Primrose Hill has almost everything you can ask to enjoy a cozy and peaceful home life.

The neighborhood has its own hill, of course, the Primrose Hill, which offers a stunning view of the city of London. It’s also a great place to go to if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. Aside from Primrose Hill, Tom’s property is also near Hampstead Heath, another notable park with pools, picnic sections, and viewing areas.

On more than one occasion, Tom is also spotted in one of the neighborhood cafes, walking a walk with his dog, grabbing a cup of coffee, or just meeting some friends.

Meanwhile, Tom also enjoys the fascinating bohemian atmosphere of Belsize Park, the village next to Primrose Hill. The Stucco architecture of the area and Victorian houses, as well as the availability of modern, 5-star restaurants, pubs, and cafés, make the area a perfect haven for celebrities, who like to enjoy some quiet time. The majority of the properties at Belsize Park were constructed during the 19th and 20th centuries. and other top property listing sites included Primrose Hill as a high-end residential property area. The neighborhood is also fondly called the “Hollywood of London,” wherein it’s normal to see a celebrity walking down the road, relaxing at parks, or hanging out with friends at restaurants. Primrose Hill is a star-studded village filled with TV personalities, actors, models, and musicians. And you can add Tom to that long list of A-listers you can possibly see as you take a stroll at Primrose Hill.

One of the best things about Primrose Hill is its accessibility. People have a lot of options for bus and train stations, and many of these options are within walking distance. The vicinity also has 30+ restaurants, 50+ shops, 4+ fitness centers, 2 markets/grocery stores, and 9+ nightlife options.

Tom’s neighborhood is also well-loved for its tight-knit community. Given that there are only more or less 7,500 residents in the village, people really know who’s who as they bump into each other at the local shops and restaurants.

The House

It seems that the actor is a bit private about the details of his property. There isn’t much news about his luxurious abode. But news says his home is a 2,055 sq. ft. estate with four double bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Like the other properties in the neighborhood, his home has some Stucco features with a lot of indoor and outdoor space for his luxury home features. He also has a home office, an extravagant kitchen, and a private garden with lots of plants.

The interior area shows off a cool, rustic vibe with framed art as decors. He also has a library with an amazing collection of books, and it’s located near the door, giving the area lots of natural light, air, and views.

Tom also chose a cool country home-inspired design and color scheme. The majority of his furniture pieces are wooden and painted with Earth colors (e.g., brown, beige, green). The rooms are spacious and feature large ceiling and skylight windows for a great view of the sky during the night.

Indeed, Tom might seem like a workaholic and has a knack for earning more. But he actually enjoys the simple pleasures in life – a comfy home with a good view, great food, and a peaceful neighborhood. His home embodies the kind of Zen-like vibe he’d love to relax in after a long day at work.

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