The “Succession” star Alexander Skarsgård’s Former NYC House

Alexander Skarsgård house

In the ever-evolving world of celebrity real estate, Alexander Skarsgård’s former house in East Village, New York, remains a captivating tale of luxury and style. Renowned for his roles in acclaimed productions like “Succession,” Skarsgård made waves when he sold this chic residence in 2022. In this exclusive journey through Alexander Skarsgård’s house, we delve into the details of his chic residence, exploring the city’s vibrant atmosphere where luxury meets the avant-garde.

Where Does Alexander Skarsgård Live Now?

Alexander Skarsgård’s former house address is 119 E 10th St, New York. While the exact address of his current home remains private, the actor’s choice of location of his former house reflects the trendy and culturally diverse ambiance of the neighborhood. Skarsgård’s decision to settle in East Village was a testament to his refined taste, evident in his choice of the property he acquired in 2017 for $2.3 million and later sold in 2022 for $2.5 million. The house, which once stood as a haven for the actor, is part of a highly coveted cooperative comprising six 19th Century townhouses with 29 residences in total and it boasts one bedroom and one bathroom.

A Retrospective on Alexander Skarsgård’s Stylish Interiors

Inside Alexander Skarsgård’s home, the living area seamlessly combines diverse architectural elements. An exposed brick wall provides rustic charm as a backdrop to an array of artwork. Wooden ceiling beams complement the brickwork, enhancing the historical ambiance. A large window bathes the room in natural light, showcasing intricate patterns on the area rug and wall art. The furniture, a mix of a modern grey sofa and traditional wooden chairs with leather seats, coexists harmoniously, embodying a blend of eras and influences. A bookshelf filled with books next to the window adds a cozy touch.

Alexander Skarsgård's living room

Alexander Skarsgård’s living room

The layout of the space is open and spacious, allowing for a seamless integration of different functional areas. These include a seating area with a grey sofa adorned with cushions and a dining area with a wooden table and chairs.

Alexander Skarsgård's living space

Alexander Skarsgård’s living space

Exposed brick walls and wooden ceiling beams define the dining area, giving it a historical and cozy charm. The natural state of the brickwork adds texture, while the wooden beams enhance the rustic appeal. A large window floods the room with natural light, illuminating the space and showcasing the rich tones of brick and wood. The artworks on the walls add a personal touch. The room includes a fireplace embedded within the brick wall, contributing to its traditional charm. The furniture, a mix of a wooden dining table, chairs, and a modern sofa, reflects a blend of contemporary and classic design. An ornate rug under the dining table adds a splash of color to complete the look.

Alexander Skarsgård's dining room

Alexander Skarsgård’s dining room

Alexander Skarsgård’s kitchen features light-toned wooden cabinetry creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, complemented by rustic dark wooden ceiling beams. A strategically placed skylight floods the space with natural light, highlighting intricate patterns on the marble countertop and the natural grain of the wood. Glass-fronted upper cabinets showcase colorful items, adding a personal touch. The grey tile floor provides a subtle contrast, balancing the warm wood tones, while a gold-colored faucet in the marble countertop adds a touch of luxury.

Alexander Skarsgård's kitchen

Alexander Skarsgård’s kitchen

The bedroom boasts a high ceiling adorned with rustic wooden beams, adding warmth and character in contrast to the white walls. The hardwood floor mirrors this aesthetic, enhancing overall warmth. A large window floods the space with natural light, highlighting the clean lines and minimalist design. Furnished with a centrally positioned bed featuring a grey headboard and white bedding, the room also includes a dark blue chair near an open door, alongside small artworks on the wall. Two framed artworks add a touch of personality.

Alexander Skarsgård's bedroom

Alexander Skarsgård’s bedroom

In Alexander’s bathroom, exposed wooden beams and skylights infuse natural light and an organic touch. The rustic ceiling contrasts elegantly with smooth, neutral-toned walls, creating a contemporary aesthetic. A notable feature is the glass shower enclosure with reflective golden panels, adding a luxurious touch and enhancing spatial quality. The floating white marble sink counter, supported by brass fixtures, contributes to the elegant ambiance. The room includes a modern wall-mounted toilet, and dark floor tiles provide a contrasting element.

Alexander Skarsgård's bathroom

Alexander Skarsgård’s bathroom

Reminiscing Alexander Skarsgård’s Exterior

The “Succession” star, Alexander Skarsgård lived in an apartment in East Village which is found in a historic building. The building is narrow and multi-storied, characterized by its red brick facade. This facade is punctuated by symmetrically placed windows, adorned with white trims that provide a striking contrast to the warm tones of the brickwork. The entrance to the building is slightly recessed and flanked by two windows. A small set of steps lead up to a black front door, offering a subtle yet elegant contrast to the brickwork. Despite its simplicity, the building exudes charm, focusing on clean lines and functional form rather than ornamental elements.

Alexander Skarsgård's exterior

Alexander Skarsgård’s exterior

Alexander Skarsgård’s Neighborhood

East Village, known for its artistic spirit and diverse community, provided the perfect backdrop for Skarsgård’s former dwelling. Notably, his neighbors included Hollywood legends Julia Roberts, the iconic Cher, and the enigmatic Mary-Kate Olsen. While respecting the privacy of these fellow celebrities, the neighborhood’s unique blend of urban energy and serene charm added to the allure of the actor’s residence during his time there.

Alexander Skarsgård's neighborhood

Alexander Skarsgård’s neighborhood

Other Houses Owned by Alexander Skarsgård

While our focus has been on Skarsgård’s former East Village residence, it’s worth noting that we currently do not have information about the actor’s current house or any other properties he may own. The details of his real estate portfolio remain undisclosed. The actor’s privacy regarding his current living arrangements adds an air of mystery to his post-East Village chapter, leaving fans curious about the residences that may shape his present lifestyle.

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