Do These 5 Aspects of Home Design Really Matter?

home design

When it comes to designing your home, there is so much to consider. You want the space to look good and reflect your family (or your personality), but you don’t want to pull the value of the home down at the same time. It sounds harsh, but that can be pretty tricky!

So, what are some of the critical features of a home to focus on, and how best can you pull them off? Read on to find out.

  1. Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are a core part of your kitchen, and with Quorn Stone and other designers able to offer stone tiles made from marble, granite, and, of course, quartz, you will likely be spoilt for choice as to which type best suits your kitchen. To add a real touch of class, try to match the floor in the kitchen with the countertops and the tiles.

  • Lighting

When it comes to interior design, lighting is essential. Very few people (except maybe the Addams Family) want a home that is dark and ominous. Even if you have chosen to have grey walls and a more gothic theme, lighting can really add to the room!

So, when it comes to design and lighting, there are so many choices to pick from that you may find yourself choosing between sconce lighting or hanging lights. If they are paired well, they can add value to your home and make the entire property look and feel stylish.

  • Storage

Everyone wants a walk-in wardrobe in their bedroom! However, if you can’t have that just yet, it is worth looking into suitable and designer storage solutions. If you are opting for a minimalist look, why not get a piece of furniture that doubles up as storage space, like a stool or an ottoman?

Or, if your budget can stretch, why not look into getting that coveted walk-in wardrobe? They look stylish, will always be designer, and add a great deal of value to your home.

  • Eco-Friendly

Having an eco-friendly home is something that a lot of people are striving for, and it can also improve the appearance of the space overall. For instance, having a home that is not full of single-use plastics can help you to create a clutter-free environment, and having eco-friendly products around your house, such as kitchen wear and bathroom wear, can add a unique look that also adds a real sense of style.

Ergo, it can be worth looking into shampoo bars, washing machine pods, and sustainably sourced home accessories, such as soap dishes, beds, and bed linen.

  • Smart Home

OK, so it has to be said that at the current time, a lot of the smart homes that you may see online may look a bit, well, drab.

However, when it comes to home design, smart devices can save a lot of space in your home, helping you to make the most of the area. For instance, rather than a hoover and a mop and bucket, a smart hoover and a smart mop (yes, they exist) can help you to keep your home clean while taking up a quarter of the space of the mop and hoover. They also look pretty stylish, and if paired with an AI assistant, they can make your home cleaner as well as look less cluttered. So, it’s an exciting element of home design that helps to keep your home clean!

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