Edificio Mirador Madrid Spain

Edificio Mirador Madrid Spain
'MIRADOR' BUILDING in Madrid (Spain). Projected by MVRDV and Blanca Lleo and built in 2005.

Edificio Mirador Madrid: A Vertical Exploration of Postmodern Living

In the northern reaches of Madrid, Spain, the Sanchinarro neighborhood proudly hosts the Mirador Building, a striking example of postmodern architecture that stands as a testament to innovation and unconventional design. Developed by the Dutch architecture studio MVRDV in collaboration with Madrid architect Blanca Lleó, this residential masterpiece has become an iconic presence in the city’s skyline. With its unique features and artistic flair, the Mirador Building has redefined traditional notions of urban living.

Architectural Marvel in the Sanchinarro Neighborhood

The Mirador Building, situated in the Sanchinarro neighborhood, is a 63.4-meter-high structure boasting 21 floors, each housing an array of distinct apartments. Notable for its postmodern aesthetic, the building introduces a bold departure from conventional architectural norms. What sets it apart is the colossal central opening, a void that spans an impressive 36.8 meters from the ground, offering a breathtaking panorama of the Guadarrama mountain range. This defining feature lends the building its name, reflecting its role as a literal “lookout tower.”

Strange Building Edificio Mirador Madrid Spain

Innovative Design and Conceptualization

At the heart of the Mirador Building’s concept is the idea of reimagining a traditional urban block in a vertical orientation. The building’s intermediate terrace serves as the equivalent of a block patio, fostering a sense of community among residents. The façade’s vibrant array of colors and diverse housing typologies mirrors the diversity found in a typical urban block. The project, managed by the Madrid municipal housing company (EMV), aimed to create a vertical community that seamlessly blends innovation with tradition.

Colloquial Nicknames and Unique Attributes

Colloquially known as the “lookout tower,” the Mirador Building has earned other monikers such as the “viewing tower of the mountain range” and “the building of the hole.” Its construction, overseen by architect Blanca Lleó, embraced the appraised price method for awarding homes. Beyond its exterior grandeur, those who step inside the Mirador Building encounter a myriad of unique features, including 35 different housing typologies, semi-open hallways on the top floor, and unconventional spaces rarely seen in high-rise buildings, such as corridors, hallways, and emergency stairs.

The Edificio Mirador Madrid Spain

The Evolution of Mirador: Improvements and Enhancements

Since its inception in December 2001, the Mirador Building has undergone several improvements, both in facilities and insulation. The community of owners has played a pivotal role in enhancing the building’s functionality and accessibility. A recent addition of a fence around the premises attests to the ongoing commitment to improve the overall living experience for residents.

Block by Block: The Construction Puzzle

The construction of the Mirador Building involved assembling nine independent blocks around the central void. Each block, distinguishable by varying shades and materials, contributes to the overall aesthetic harmony. The interplay of white, gray, and black hues, coupled with orange accents denoting circulation areas, creates a visually captivating façade. With each block featuring its own planning, the Mirador Building offers at least nine different types of apartments, adding a layer of individuality to the living experience.

A Vertical Tapestry of Modern Living

In conclusion, the Mirador Building in Madrid stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of postmodern architecture. Blanca Lleó’s collaboration with MVRDV resulted in a residential masterpiece that defies convention and invites residents to experience urban living in a vertical tapestry of colors, shapes, and innovation. As a landmark in the Sanchinarro neighborhood, the Mirador Building continues to captivate both residents and passersby, symbolizing the fusion of tradition, diversity, and contemporary design in the heart of Spain’s capital city.

Further Information On Edificio Mirador Madrid Spain

Date Construction Started: December 2001

Date Opened: 2005

Cost Of Building: €10,000,000

Architect: Blanca Lleó

Architectural Style: Postmodern Architecture

Size Or Floor Area: 18300 m²

Height: 63.4 meters

Function Or Purpose: Residence Dwelling

Address: Avenida de Francisco Pi y Margall

Phone Number: N/A

Website: N/A

Opening Hours: Daily: N/A

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