Simple But Effective Home Improvements

Cutting Wood

Making improvements to your home doesn’t need to involve a complete renovation and months of work. There are plenty of easy home improvements that you can make that are effective and will give your home a totally different feel. Before undertaking any home improvement, do plenty of research to save time and cost.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms often get neglected when it comes to home décor and styling. We understandably tend to focus more on higher traffic areas, but it is about time we showed the bathrooms in our homes more love. Small bathroom changes such as installing a new shower or replacing your toothbrush holder are good ways to make your bathroom more functional and improve your daily experience.

Smart Technology

Introducing smart technology is a great way to add subtle improvements. It can be overwhelming to navigate all the available smart tech, especially if you’re new to it. A good place to start is with lighting; smart light bulbs are handy for ensuring lights aren’t left on when not needed and can create nice warm atmospheres due to their ability to dim seamlessly.


Whether it be the handles on your kitchen cabinets, those dining or accent table legs, or the socket covers in your bedroom, switching up your hardware makes a big impact. Look at different styles and go for designs that complement each other. Bear in mind the wear that they are likely to experience and go for as high a quality as possible, so they stand the test of time.

Paint Refresh

A fresh lick of paint can do wonders for any space in your home. Why not add in a bold feature wall or try colour blocking in a larger room? Have some fun testing out different samples before choosing your final new colours.

Style Your Hallways

Hallways can be tricky spaces to know how to style and add character to. They are often small and so we often don’t decorate them to their full potential due to a fear of overcrowding the space. However, styling your hallways does need to look cluttered. Consider adding a radiator cover which can then be selectively decorated with trinkets. Adding a mirror is also a great way to open up the space and create the illusion of a bigger space.


As much of a chore as decluttering can be, it is a really simple way to improve the look and feel of your home. Not only will de-cluttering create a calmer feel, but it could also be a good way to earn some extra cash by selling things you no longer want or use. List your old possessions on a second-hand site or donate them to a local charity that may be in need.

Odd Jobs

Odd jobs can be anything you have been putting off; whether it be tightening the screws on a wonky chair or rehanging a frame you didn’t get straight the first time. Although they are small, the impact of making these changes can be mighty. Even if they are fixes that wouldn’t be noticed by guests, they can majorly impact the way you view and feel about your home.

Tidy Up Your Garden

Whether you have acres of land or a small patio, your garden might be in need of some TLC. Tidy up any fallen leaves and remove any weeds that may have grown. It can also be fun to experiment with some simple gardening. This could include setting up and maintaining a herb box, or planting some new flowers.


Do you have old furniture laying tucked away or stored in a loft? Upcycling is a great way to give your existing furniture a new lease of life at the fraction of the cost of buying something new. Watch some tutorials online to discover the various ways that you can give your furniture a new look.

Soft Furnishings

Are your soft furnishing looking a little worse for wear? Now could be the perfect time to swap them out for new styles. Be sure to get soft furnishing varying in textures and colours to add depth to the rooms.

Home improvements are a great opportunity to experiment and learn new skills, enjoy it!


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