The Best Stain Colours for Your Hardwood Floor


When it comes to hardwood floors, the stain colour you choose can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. With so many stain options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right shade for your space. The good news is that there are plenty of attractive stain colours that complement most home decor. Here are some of the best stain colours to consider for your hardwood floors.

Medium Walnut

A rich, warm brown with red undertones, Medium Walnut is one of the most popular options when staining hardwood floors.  It provides a traditional look that fits in with many design styles, from Craftsman to Farmhouse. The versatility of Medium Walnut allows it to match well with multiple wood species like oak, hickory, and maple. Medium walnut stains are an excellent choice if you want a classic wood floor that makes a statement while still feeling livable. The saturated colour hides dirt reasonably well, so it’s a practical option for homes with kids or pets.

Gray Wash

For a coastal-inspired look, a Gray Wash stain can set the mood. The soft weathered grey hue feels beachy and relaxed. It’s achieved by applying a grey stain overtop of a white stain or paint. Gray-washed floors look stunning with blue walls and decorative shells or starfish. The light, neutral colour allows the natural wood grain to show through while muting the yellow tones. It’s a great way to brighten up a room and give off modern farmhouse vibes. Gray Wash stains coordinate well with painted furniture and whitewashed ceiling beams.


Java stain has an espresso-like richness that brings warmth to any space. With a deep chocolate brown colour, it feels cozy and inviting. Java-stained floors pop against white trim and look striking with wood accent walls in lighter shades of brown. The darker colour hides dirt, and scratches, and wears patterns well. So it’s an excellent choice for family homes and well-trafficked living spaces. Pair Java-stained floors with creamy off-white sofas and rustic wood tables for an elegantly understated look. It works in all design aesthetics, from modern to traditional.

Weathered Oak

Weathered Oak stains offer a timeworn look, like wood that has been distressed over time. Plenty of variation occurs in the staining process, so no two planks look the same. Combinations of grey, brown, and tan mimic the natural aging of oak floors. Lively circular grain patterns and knotholes add character and charm to Weathered Oak-stained floors. The multi-toned patina effect works great in laid-back rooms and complements barn doors, brick fireplaces, and oversized leather sofas. Weathered Oak adds vintage flair to any home.

Golden Oak

For a cheerful glow, you can’t go wrong with Golden Oak stains. It radiates a warm, honey-golden tone that brightens up any space. The versatile colour pairs nicely with many design motifs from Traditional to Rustic Farmhouse. Golden Oak floors pop against bright white trim and look spectacular with navy blue walls and brass accents. The vibrant shade effectively minimizes the appearance of dirt and dust. So it’s an easy-care option for busy homes with children and pets. Match Golden Oak floors with mission-style furniture and printed area rugs.

Gray Walnut

If you like the look of weathered wood but want something more neutral, Gray Walnut might be the perfect stain colour for you. Interplaying tones of warm greys, driftwood browns, and steel blues create an organic look with dimension. Gray Walnut stains work well in coastal, farmhouse, and craftsman-style homes. The soft grey overtones allow you to easily layer in blue, green, and cream furniture and decor. Gray walnut floors look beautiful against crisp white trim and walls. For added contrast pair them with black window frames.


Carbonized floors make a dramatic statement with their rich ebony black finish. They feel luxe and modern. Carbonized staining utilizes wire brushes to open the wood grain before applying a black stain. This creates visible texture and dimension to the wood. Carbonized floors command attention and work best as an accent in open floor plan homes. Use them in a sitting room to define the space, while lighter floors flow into adjoining rooms. The inky black color contrasts beautifully with glass, metal, and white furnishings. Carbonized floors are perfect for urban lofts and modern homes.


Whitewashed hardwoods are sandblasted or brushed to reveal raw wood beneath a white stain or paint. This imparts a rustic charm, with a hint of the original floor colour peeking through. Whitewash stains look airy and sunwashed. They are ideal for light-filled beach homes, cottages, and country farmhouses. The neutral whitewashed colour provides a lovely backdrop for painted furniture and brightly coloured rugs and pillows. Accent whitewashed floors with floral arrangements and antique furniture. Soft pastel walls and billowy curtains complete the breezy look.


With a greyish-brown hue, Gunstock makes great wood flooring stain colour for dens, libraries, and offices. It has grey undertones that give a weathered appearance. The versatile colour works with many furnishings and wall colours. Gunstock looks beautiful next to maroons, forest greens, and charcoal grays. It hides dirt, scratches and dust well, making it family-friendly. Match Gunstock floors with leather club chairs, area rugs, and wooden bookcases for a warm, welcoming look. Use it in rustic cabins or pair it with Scandinavian decor and light wood furniture.


Provincial stains have a relaxed, timeworn look achieved by hand scraping and distressing new oak hardwood to look aged. A combination of warm brown, tan and butterscotch tones mimics hundred-year-old floors. Natural variations in the wood grain and staining process ensure no two planks are identical. Rustic details like knotholes and checking to add to the vintage character. Provincial floors work beautifully in French country homes. Accent them with painted furniture, floral prints, and a chandelier for a romantic European flair. The mellow, antique patina provides the perfect backdrop for shabby chic decor.


For a strong, bold statement, you can’t go wrong with an Espresso stain. The deep chocolate brown colour immediately warms up any space. Espresso-stained hardwood floors look amazing against modern furniture in shades of cream and black. Use an area rug in light grey as a neutral background to let the dark flooring pop. Espresso coordinates nicely with stainless steel and looks great in open-concept homes. Its ubiquity in coffeehouses and cafés means it also works beautifully in kitchens and dining areas. The darker colour does a great job of hiding dirt and imperfections.


As you can see, stain options abound for hardwood floors. Whether you want something contemporary or traditional, light or dark, there’s a stain shade to match your personal style and home decor. Consider the look you’re going for, placement of flooring, amount of natural light, and traffic levels to choose the ideal stain colour. With proper care and maintenance, your new stained floors can look beautiful for years to come, so take your time and pick a colour you’ll be happy living with. The right stain will transform the look of your rooms while adding value, character and warmth to your home.

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