Top A/C Repair And Maintenance Tips You Can Do

AC Repair And Maintenance

Air conditioning units are one of the most critical appliances most especially in summer. Whenever your cooling system suddenly stops working in the middle of a hot summer day, your comfort will surely be interrupted.

We all know air conditioning repair jobs can be pretty expensive at times. Not to mention the discomfort that it could cause if you have chosen the wrong HVAC company to do the job. These repairs undoubtedly could cost you a considerable amount of money.

If you want to skip the lines and want to save on the cost, you may do some troubleshooting on your system before for professional help. Some minor A/C inspection and repairs can be done with precaution.  Check out what those are below:

What Can I Do?

Sometimes, a malfunctioning air conditioner could root from the simplest issue to the most complicated cooling problem. Here’s what you can do if your A/C suddenly stopped working:

Inspect Your Switchboard

If your A/C unit does not work, one significant reason could be a malfunctioning switchboard. Most of the time, when this problem occurs, you will have to get your switchboard replaced. This is a simple task that you can do by purchasing the needed part and replacing it yourself.

Clean Your Filter

Over time, your A/C unit will gradually blow less air than it used to for the reason of filter problems. Air filters tend to have dust build-up that hinders your unit from producing the intended airflow.

Most of the time, your A/C unit has two sets of filters, the internal filter located at the front, and the cooling filters located at the outdoor part. If you open the front grill, you will see a filter that you can quickly remove. After that, you will now be able to clean the filter by washing it off and putting it back once done.

Poor airflow can lead to a lack of cooling efficiency that can lead to further cause of high energy consumption.

Check Your Ducts

Always check the inner and outer parts of your unit for dust build-up. Ensure that inside and outside of your unit’s coils are clean. You can clean them up by spraying pressurized water, but if it needs a more gentle approach, you can use a soft brush to remove the dirt on the coils by gently rubbing it.

Check For Ice Formation

Check your ducts to ensure that your A/C unit does not have any ice formation. You can do so by opening the front grill. If you can see signs of icing on the grill, it will be evident through the leakage in the cooling coils of your unit. This problem is best left to be addressed by your local A/C repair and maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC, as this requires complex fixes.

When to Call For Professional A/C repair and maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC

No one does better than the experts. So in case you can’t managed to do these troubleshooting tips on your own, be sure to call your trusted HVAC pros in your local area. After all, they know better than you do.

If you need further assistance with your A/C unit, please feel free to call All About Care Heating & Air, Inc. The company is a team of HVAC specialists who work to keep their customers comfortable all year round.

Feel free to call them at (336) 771 – 9000 or visit their website to schedule your appointment. Their trained and experienced technicians are available at any time of the day to serve your cooling needs.

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