10 Great Home Improvement & Interior Design YouTube Channels For Inspiration

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You have initiated the process of renovating your property. The next step is to seek out motivation to keep the creative juices flowing and knowledge from individuals who have already overcome similar challenges.

It’s an understatement to say that social media can serve as a creative catalyst. What we see on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram often serves as a catalyst for change. Hearing the stories of others’ home improvement and decorating mishaps can help you avoid making the same mistakes, while there’s no way to guarantee that you won’t run into some difficulties.

There is never a shortage of ideas when it comes to decorating a home, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where to begin with interior design. We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 interior design YouTube channels to subscribe to, covering everything from do-it-yourself projects to house tours.

1. The Happy Habitat

Happy Habitat is a new channel amongst many great interior design YouTube channels. It is hosted by Gemma Samuels, whose work with clients on home improvement projects has been a great source of motivation for viewers. We’re big fans of the mid-century modern look that permeates most of Gemma’s work. Each movie features a home tour, as well as an explanation of the designer’s rationale for a number of decorative choices.

2. Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis is the go-to guy for any and all interior design inquiries. His channel provides an authentic look at both new and fading home improvement tendencies. He takes an approach to interior design that prioritizes creating a classic appearance rather than a fleeting one, which is especially helpful for those on a tighter budget. Nick has amassed an audience of 184,000 in less than a year, has created his own niche in the interior design YouTube channels community, and, to be frank, it shows. Honestly, it doesn’t come as a shock to us.

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3. Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson, a stylist, author, and TV host, has dominated the field of interior design with her retro-chic aesthetic. You can see that her channel has 48,509 subscribers and counting since it covers everything from finding your interior design style to heartwarming client home improvement makeovers and that’s why it is our pick amongst the many interior design YouTube channels online.

4. Posh Pennies

When embarking on a new home improvement project, the first thing everybody wants to hear is that it will be quick and cheap to make their house seem nice. Vivien, host of Posh Pennies, divulges all her secrets for decorating a home on a shoestring, including methods for turning traffic cones (yes) into a side table and DIY tricks for repurposing precious IKEA bargains.

5. The Sorry Girls

Great friends who want to help people feel more capable by showing them how to do things for themselves on their YouTube channel. The Sorry Girls’ home improvement projects and makeovers are full of ingenious solutions to common design problems. Their home improvement channels stand out amongst the multitudes of interior design YouTube channels out there. You can see that The Sorry Girls have got you covered whether you want to know how to use an impact drill or build your own fireplace.

6. Laura Melhuish-Sprague

Laura Melhuish-Sprague has been blogging her home improvement adventure for a few years now, covering everything from shopping hauls to remodeling planning. Her channel is both about home improvement and about life in general; she documents the ups and downs of seeing an idea through to fruition, giving viewers a unique perspective on the process.

7. Studio McGee

It’s likely that everyone interested in interior design has come across Studio McGee’s work. Syd and Shea McGee, a married couple in the interior design business, have recently taken the world by storm with their home improvement content. Using a combination of traditional and contemporary components, they have revolutionized coastal and farmhouse styles. The Studio McGee channel is full of helpful design advice, home tours, and behind-the-scenes looks at their own remodeling process.

8. She Holds Dearly

This YouTube channel tells you how interior design can be achieved with bare minimum or existing decor pieces. She Holds Dearly host Sarah knows how to make thrift store finds look like they were purchased recently. Her channel’s goal is to show viewers how to create distinctive spaces with minimal effort. Sarah’s knowledge of farmhouse décor makes She Holds Dearly essential viewing for anybody looking for guidance on incorporating vintage and contemporary elements into their home’s design.

9. Jami Ray Vintage

This is the channel for you if you appreciate the classic and retro. The channel’s overarching theme is the transformation of discarded materials into something novel, aesthetically pleasing, or practically useful. You can see that Jami and her husband Zeb are scavenging for vintage goods and documenting the transformation into useful decor. Ray also films excursions to dollar stores and garage sales in order to demonstrate bargain hunting techniques, demonstrate holiday decorating techniques, and offer remodeling tips.

She currently has almost 165k followers, and that number is only rising. YouTube views and subscribers are increasing for Jami’s channel because the videos she and her team produce are engaging and relevant to a wide audience, and because they promote a positive message about recycling and thrifting.

10. Living Big in a Tiny House

When working with limited quarters, it’s important to think big. Studio apartments and standalone constructions are only two examples of the types of small places that Living Big In A Tiny House is dedicated to showcasing. You can see that more and more people are choosing to make cities their permanent homes, and this presents a unique opportunity to consider novel approaches to improving the quality of life in crowded quarters with home improvement and interior design tweeks or starting from scratch on this YouTube channel.

Here you go with 10 of our top picked home improvement and interior design YouTube channels for either a fun viewing experience or to motivate you into getting started with your own decor projects.

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