8 Tips for Styling A Smaller Living Area

Tiny Apartment Living Room

A smaller space is ideal for a lot of people for various reasons. You might be living on a tighter budget, or if you’re living alone, then a small apartment might simply make more sense for you.

Whatever the reason might be, a smaller home can be really beneficial. However, it can also be a little trickier to style and decorate.

Making the most of the space you have is important, and there are a few tips and tricks you can use to create the illusion of space and reap the benefits of every corner of the room. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Buy Furniture That Fits

First of all, don’t buy furniture for a three-bedroom home when you’re still living in an apartment. When your furniture is too big, it can make your living room look and feel even smaller than it really is.

If your living room is really cramped, rather shop for small couches that will fit comfortably in your space. The same goes for coffee and side tables, bookshelves, etc.

Take measurements of the room before buying anything, and try to plan your layout before furniture shopping, if possible. If you already own larger pieces before living in, try to plan your layout really carefully or even consider selling them.

Buy a Big Rug

When you’re working with less space, you’re always going to be advised to purchase smaller furniture – a smaller sofa, smaller coffee table, small shelves. This makes sense, obviously, but when it comes to rugs, this is your opportunity to go big.

A larger rug will help expend the space you have and make it look and feel bigger. However, you still need to be careful to ensure that it fits proportionally within the room and amongst your other furniture. Make sure that your rug is at least big enough for the legs of your sofa to sit comfortably on it.

Living Room With A Rug

Create Height

When you add height to any room, you create the illusion of space. Of course, this won’t physically give you any more room to move around in, but it can make your living area feel more spacious and comfortable to be in.

There are various ways you can add height to your room – by adding tall bookshelves, extra-length curtains, floor-length mirrors, indoor trees, etc. to your space. Avoid adding too many random furniture items to your living room simply for the sake of adding height – think carefully about each element and consider whether it will be worth it.

Choose Bold, Bright Colors

Keeping your color scheme light, bright, and natural is a common piece of advice, especially for smaller rooms, and this works exceptionally well.

However, another option is to ignore this completely and opt for bold, bright colors for the paint on your walls. As long as you avoid a color palette that’s too dark, the boldness of your decorating will make your tiny space look dramatic and exciting – who cares how big it is!?

Green Sofa

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to create a fake sense of size. Although it might feel counterintuitive, using an oversized mirror in your small space can really open it up and give the illusion of space.

Opting for a floor-length mirror is going to have the best effect here, and if you purchase a really stylish, high-quality piece, it will also act as a decorative element and add something special and unique to your living room while also being functional.

Pick Oversized Artwork

The allure of the gallery wall in small apartments is understandable, but covering the limited space of your living room wall with one large, eye-catching piece can often do a far better job of expanding how the space looks visually.

Choosing a singular piece will prevent the cluttered and chaotic feeling that you want to avoid in a small room, while still bringing excitement and luxury to the space.

Round it Out

Believe it or not, bringing soft, curved edges into your room can help create a more spacious feeling.

Curved pieces will soften the hard edges of corners and door frames, helping you to avoid that bulky feeling that makes a room feel hard and uninviting. A round coffee table will also draw the eye away from the corners of the room, making it harder to notice how big the space is anyway.

Minimize Clutter

Finally, try to keep things in a smaller living room as simple as possible. Opt for more plain, neutral furniture and think carefully before purchasing décor. Even choosing the right rug can have a huge impact on the overall feeling of the room. Be sparing with your use of trinkets and wall art, and make sure each piece has a purpose.

Additionally, keep your living room clutter free by making sure that it’s tidy. Random items left lying around a room will be extra noticeable in a smaller space, so it’s important to be aware of messes.

Final Thoughts

Living in a small home can be challenging at times, but there are truly so many benefits that come along with the decision that it becomes easy to work around it.

By using some of the above tips, you’ll soon forget the fact that you have a tiny living room and simply enjoy the beautiful space you’ve created for yourself, regardless of how much room you have to move about. Remember – quality over quantity!

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