Bob Barker House: The Game Show King’s Humble Home in Glendale, California

Bob Barker House

When people think about game show hosts, Bob Barker’s face is probably the first to come to mind. His TV career spans over 5 decades. He hosted The Price is Right, the world’s longest-running and highest-rated game show.

Considering his popularity and $70-million net worth, people probably expect him to live in luxury and glam. But no! You’d be surprised to learn that he had lived in the same house for 35 years. Aside from being charismatic, philanthropic, and iconic, Bob Barker was also deeply committed and simple.

Bob's Home Exterior

Although he died at the age of 99 in August 2023, his legacy lives on. One of which is his abode in Glendale, California, which was declared a Historic Cultural Monument in 1999. In this Bob Barker house tour, we’ll discover the fascinating features of his iconic home.

Barker’s 5,000-sq.ft home is located in Glendale, Los Angeles. He bought the property in 1969 for $2.3 Million. He had lived there since with his wife Dorothy Jo, who died in 1981. The house has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Where Does Bob Barker Live Now

Bob Barker has lived at 7036 Hillside Ave, Glendale, Los Angeles, California since he purchased the property in 1969. The home is a 2-story Spanish Colonial Revival style. He lived here for 35 years before he died in August 2023.

In an interview, Barker said, “We knew that the house was truly special from the moment my wife, Dorothy Jo (who passed away in 1981), and I moved in.” “As a result, we never did anything to alter its exterior or interior architecture,” he continued.

Bob Barker House Interior

Bob Barker House interior trophies

As a person who values privacy, Bob rarely invites people inside his home. But after his home was turned into a historical landmark, he began to take snaps of himself featuring glimpses of the property’s interior. The following are some of the stunning features inside his abode:

  • Elegant French front doors
  • Tile flooring that’s either colorful ceramic or terra cotta
  • Exposed wooden beams painted with earthy tones give the interior a rustic vibe
  • Wrought iron decorative elements and fixtures
  • Furniture pieces made of dark, heavy woods that give off a Mexican or Spanish style
  • Stucco walls
  • Arched windows and doors that resemble Spanish and Moorish architecture
Bob's House interior store room

Bob Barker House Outdoor Area

As a Spanish Colonial Revival home, Barker’s home boasts an inviting and charming atmosphere typical of homes in the Mediterranean.

  • Low-style, tile roofs
  • Stucco surfaces on walls and fences
  • Terraces and balconies made of wrought-iron railings
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Covered arcades, colonnades, and pathways that connect the outdoor and indoor places well
  • Trees and indigenous plants for landscaping
  • Water features, fountains, and outdoor seating options to add a refreshing touch to the exterior area
Bob barker exterior with flowers

Barker’s property also has a fully-stocked maid’s quarters. In his old age, Bob needed someone to look after him, especially to help him during his health scare.

Outpost Estate and Hollywood Hills: The Neighborhood Near Bob’s Home

Bob Barker Home-Aerial View

Bob’s home was built in 1926 along with other properties in Hollywood Hills. Harrison Gray Otis, publisher of the Los Angeles Times, previously owned the home. But following the death of Otis, property developer Charles E. Toberman bought parcels of lands surrounding the property and turned the area into what is now known as Hollywood Hills.

If you happen to visit the area, make sure to drop by these tourist attractions to make the most out of your stay:

  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens for leisurely walks
  • Verdugo Mountains for hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Glendale Centre Theatre to listen to plays and musicals
  • Alex Theatre for live performances, such as plays and concerts
  • Brand Park and Library to look to enjoy art exhibits and cultural events
  • Glendale Galleria to shop

Bob Barker’s Legacy

Bob Barker House interior with rabbit

Bob is a huge advocate for animal rights. Throughout his life, he has participated in many rallies against circuses. He also supported several nature protection and preservation groups. In 2010, for instance, he donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for the purchase of a vessel used to prevent Japanese whaling operations. The vessel is called “MY Bob Barker.” In 2014, he spent $700,000 to send 3 elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a wildlife sanctuary in California. He also donated  $2.5 million to PETA’s LA headquarters, which is now called “Bob Barker Building.”

Bob Barker House interior store room-2

Aside from his animal rights advocacies, Bob also applied for the historic designation of his home in March 1999. His property qualifies for this title because of how long it has remained standing without going through architectural work since it was built. The property is now named ‘Outpost II.” This designation protects the property from being torn down even when Bob no longer owns it. It also qualifies the owner for tax breaks.

Bob Barker’s home is indeed an interesting piece of architectural work. Read more of our articles if you’re eager to explore more celebrity homes.

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