Be Inspired by Dave Chappelle’s Modest House in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Be Inspired by Dave Chappelle’s Modest Home in Yellow Springs, Ohio

As one of the best stand-up comedians of all time, perhaps, Hollywood wouldn’t be as fun without Dave Chappelle! But his skill goes far beyond telling jokes. He also had the courage to walk away from a massively successful hit show and tens of millions of dollars to focus on something more important – inner peace, home life, and family.

Aerial shot of Dave Chappelle's house in Yellow Springs, Ohio

During his time on hiatus, Dave spent his time with his family, especially his kids. And in the process, he was able to create and cultivate a happy family life and peaceful home that no amount of city tours and millions could compensate for. In this post, we’ll take a look at the structural and design highlights of Dave Chappelle’s house.

Where does Dave Chappelle live?

With an estimated net worth of $60 million, Dave can purchase properties in affluent neighborhoods in the country. But he chose to buy a home in Yellow Springs, a village in the secluded town of Greene County, Ohio.

Dave Chappelle’s home address on Google maps:

Chappelle bought a 3,154-sq.ft home at Grinnell Rd, Yellow Springs, OH 45387 in January 2005. And he’s been living there with his wife Elaine and three children – Sanaa, Ibrahim, and Suleyman.

The property sits on 39 acres of verdant farmland. It was built in the 1900s, and some of its structural features were added in the 1950s. The main house has 3-and-a-half baths and 3 bedrooms. Chappelle shelled out $309,000 to buy the property.

Aerial shot of a large field

Privacy is one of Dave’s main reasons to live in Yellow Springs. 2 Emmys and 2 Grammys certainly made him a magnet for paparazzi. But most importantly, Dave has a lot of fond memories of the place, having spent his childhood there with his parents.

Dave Chappelle’s Home Interior

Although a bit modest by Hollywood standards, Dave Chappelle’s home is still fitted with all the amenities and features to ensure his family’s comfort and style. The wooden flooring throughout the house also gave the interior vibe an elegant and rustic feel.

Not many pictures of his home might be circulating online, but reports say that his house is fitted with features for energy efficiency. The kitchen is also strategically located in a space that’s overlooking the courtyard nearby.

There’s also a library where he stores his scripts, show manuscripts, and favorite reads. This is also a perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee.

Dave Chappelle’s House Exterior

Previous property listings show that the property had an all-natural brick exterior and quality woodwork before Chappelle bought the home. He retained some of these rustic, country-home-inspired features. He also added covered front and back porches, which are perfect for casual family get-togethers. These areas are also perfect nooks to get some fresh air.

Dave also makes good use of the property’s 39 acres of land area. He opted to have a vegetable and flower garden where he and his family get to enjoy plenty of harvests and colorful foliage all year round.

Front gate of Dave Chappelle's house

The property also has a detached garage where Dave kept and organized all his lawn equipment and gear.

The Neighborhood Vibe Near Dave Chappelle’s Property

Yellow Springs offers an urban environment amid the scenic rolling hills of southwest Ohio. The actual Yellow Spring, which is known for its curative water, could be found in Glen Helen Nature Preserve.

Yellow Springs road signs

The neighborhood has a couple of top-rated higher-learning institutions – Antioch University Midwest and Antioch College. Aside from the colleges, there are also private and public elementary and secondary schools.

Yellow Springs’ business scene is also thriving, with its focus on wellness, health, alternative energy, water technology, and local food industries. Boutique shops, galleries, restaurants, and parks are also open for both tourists and residents.

Dave Chappelle’s Other Properties

Aside from his modest Yellow Springs home, Dave Chappelle also owns the following properties:

  1. A commercial property at 314 Dayton Street, which he bought at $480,000. He uses the 1.4-acre property as an office area for his business.
  2. A modest apartment and office building at 403 Xenia Ave. Dave paid $390,000 for the brick building, which was built in 1900. The structure has four workplaces and three flats. A white picket fence secured the perimeter of the structure and the interior features elaborate elements, such as a spiral staircase, wood flooring, and carpeting.
Dave Chappelle's house in Xenia Avenue
  1. A commercial building with retail space at 221 Xenia Ave. The property used to be the location of Earth Rose International Imports, a women’s clothes enterprise. Chappelle paid $400,000 for the property.
Commercial building in 221 Xenia Avenue
  1. A property complex with 2 buildings at 1425 Brookside Drive. This site is just 3 minutes away from his other commercial property at 221 Xenia.
  2. A colonial-style family house at 150 Railroad Street. Dave bought the 4-bedroom home at $600,000. The structure features a whitewashed brick exterior.
Small white house
  1. A commercial property at 309 Xenia Ave. The property used to be a hookah and tobacco store. And the structure has a brick terrace, a spiral staircase, and a huge fireplace.
Brick houses
  1. A commercially zoned property at 1540 Xenia Ave. Dave paid $100,000 for this estate.
1540 Xenia Avenue house owned by Dave Chappelle

Are you inspired by the designs and structures featured in this Dave Chappelle’s house tour? If you are, please let us know. You might also like to refer to our other blogs for the styles of other celebrity homes.

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