Bruce Willis’ House In Westchester, New York Is To Die Hard For

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis made his debut in Hollywood in the ‘80s when he starred in Moonlighting alongside Cybill Shepherd. He started with a role as an unknown New Yorker back then. Two decades later, in 2006, he got his pink terrazzo Hollywood star. His net worth is estimated at $250 million. And he has been on the top ten list of highest-paid actors consistently. He has starred in some of the highest-grossing films in history, such as The Expendables, Armageddon, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and the Die Hard franchise. His largest payday from a single film happened when he starred in The Sixth Sense. He was able to earn $114 million from the movie, making him one of the two actors (the other one is Tom Cruise) who’ve earned over $100 million from a single film.

Now, at 67 years old, the Die Hard action star slowly liquidates his real estate properties in preparation for retirement.

Recently, he and his wife Emma officially said goodbye to their 22-acre estate near Bedford Corners. The sale was still one of the priciest transactions made in Westchester in 2019, despite a 41% discount off the original asking price of $12.95 million. The Willis couple purchased the home in 2014 for roughly $12 million. In December 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that the property was sold at $7.66 million.

Let’s take a look at the features of the actor’s home, as well as the Westchester vibe and neighborhood he’s going to leave behind.

Notable Features in Bruce Willis House

Willis’ property in Westchester, N.Y. is truly a Zen haven. It is surrounded by a forest and includes two tax lots. The place is perfect for an A-list celebrity looking for some rest and total tranquility. The following are the best features of the property:

  • Huge main house – The main home is roughly 9,000 square feet. It follows a Craftsman-style architectural design with its gabled roofs, vaulted and beamed ceilings, open floor plans, wood framing, low layouts, exposed rafters, and front porches for column support. The main residence has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a kids’ playroom, a wine cellar, and a media room.
  • 3,100 square feet antique farmhouse – The antique farmhouse exudes a rustic facade with its color scheme of gray and shades of brown. A set of wooden steps leads to the main entryway located at the side of the property. The farmhouse has its own garage.
  • 1,000-square-foot residence – This additional building of the estate has three bedrooms and a parking area.
  • 660-square-foot house – This additional detached home of the Willis estate might be the smaller one, but it comes with a garage that can accommodate 3 cars.
  • Family entertainment amenities – As an A-list actor, Willis takes entertainment seriously, especially his bonding time with his family. That’s why his Westchester home is equipped with a wealth of entertainment amenities. There’s a tennis court, pool house, cabana lounge, and a 50-foot-long saltwater pool. An octagonal turret room sits on top of the main house.
  • Elegant and refreshing stylebook – Since they bought the property in 2014, the Willis couple added their own personal touches to the property. The huge floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, whitewashed walls, and granite flooring make the interior look and feel airy and spacious. The linens, decor, and accents are all in muted earth colors.
  • Breathtaking views – The Willis estate is located in a secluded and forested area. And this gives them the benefit of having lush greenery outside the property. From their octagonal turret room, they can enjoy a panoramic view of the Croton Reservoir and the surrounding countryside. They also have their own vegetable garden.

The Westchester County Vibe and Neighborhood

Westchester County is New York’s second-wealthiest county with a median household income of $101,908 in 2019. No wonder many Oscar-winning celebrities, billionaires, and musicians call it home. Bruce Willis shares the same county with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Michael Douglas, Chevy Chase, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and David Letterman. Billionaire and investor Nelson Peltz and JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon also live locally.

The parks, forests, and natural habitats in the county make it a perfect place for those looking to enjoy some picturesque countryside vibe without moving too far away from the business district, such as Manhattan.

The county also boasts of some of New York’s top tourist destinations, such as the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve, Bear Mountain State Park, and Trailside Museums & Zoo. The Rockefeller family’s luxurious hilltop property could also be found in the county.

The Willis estate is truly an inspiration for homeowners looking to build a home with a Zen-like, elegant, and countryside vibe. Are you in search of more home design inspiration and insights? Take a look at our blogs on celebrity homes. Or contact a professional designer to guide you.

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