How to Design Your Dream Greenhouse


Love being out in the garden and hate being chased inside by the weather? You may be longing for a greenhouse. But would you really use it? Here are some tips to help you imagine the greenhouse of your dreams so you can decide whether it’s worth building or not.

Take Control of the Temperature

By controlling the temperature in your greenhouse, you’ll be able to keep a much wider range of plants, and you’ll be comfortable in the greenhouse as well. Temperature may be the single most important element in whether you enjoy your greenhouse or not. 

You may decide to constantly control the temperature to create a controlled climate for your plants, or you may just turn your wall air conditioner on when you go into the greenhouse so you’ll be comfortable while you’re hanging out in it. 

If you want the most variety of tropical plants, constant temperature control is a good idea, but if you’re just looking for a cool hangout that will protect plants from the frost, using a wall AC unit, such as a PTAC Unit, only as you need it works well. 

Add Lighting and Privacy So You Can Use It in the Evening

Most people only think about using a greenhouse when the sun is out, but why shouldn’t you also get to enjoy your greenhouse in the evening? You’ll appreciate the pleasure of being among your plants in the evening, but you’ll get to control the temperature and you won’t have to worry about bugs. 

Simple lighting like a reading lamp or some string lights can make a huge difference in creating a beautiful, magical escape for you in the evening. Because you’ll be lit up in your greenhouse at night, you’ll probably also want to install privacy. 

Light, washable curtains work well. You can also use the plants in your greenhouse to shield seating areas and give you privacy.

Install Running Water

If you have to fill up watering cans to use in your greenhouse and wash your hands in a bucket, you probably won’t find your greenhouse nearly as charming. Even if you just run a hose to the greenhouse, it will make a huge difference. 

Running water enables you to have a relaxed, pleasant experience as you care for your plants. You can also wash your hands as often as you need to. You’ll probably find that you enjoy hanging out in the greenhouse more often when you feel that you can wash up as you like and when plants are easy to water.

Consider a Mini Fridge

There’s something special about grabbing an ice cold drink while you’re working in the garden. A mini fridge is a fun, simple addition to your greenhouse that you’ll probably love. 

You’ll be much more likely to grab a cold drink in the midst of your gardening if you don’t have to worry about tracking dirt through your kitchen. You can also keep a couple of light snacks in your fridge in case you get hungry while you’re gardening. 

Be Selective About Plants

Once you have a greenhouse, you’ll naturally be aching to fill it with all of the beautiful, tropical plants you always struggled with in the past. However, if you overdo it, you won’t enjoy the plants, and you won’t enjoy your greenhouse as much either. 

Make sure you leave plenty of room to walk around the space, sit comfortably, and enjoy views out into the garden. Be thoughtful about choosing plants that will look good in specific spaces of your greenhouse. Pick a variety of textures, colors, and sizes so that your greenhouse will be aesthetically pleasing. 

Design Your Dream Greenhouse

Anyone who enjoys gardening has probably thought about how nice it would be to have a greenhouse at least once or twice. If you’re on the fence about whether you want to create a greenhouse or not, it’s worth thinking about what your ideal greenhouse would look like. 

After all, you don’t want to build something that you don’t end up spending time in because it’s too hot, makes it inconvenient to work with the plants, or doesn’t have any privacy. Think about your needs and design a greenhouse that will make you never want to leave the garden.


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