How To Get A Bachelor’s Degree In Architecture

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Architecture is a fascinating and a lucrative career that will make you always positively challenged by new creative opportunities and can offer you a stable income, so an architecture degree is always a popular choice among new students.. If you’re thinking about getting a bachelor’s degree in this field, you might be worried about what’s next. This short guide will tell you everything you might need. Let’s begin our journey! 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture? And More Questions

Although this field is very competitive and demanding, it is common for students to get their 

bachelor’s degree in architecture between 3 and 5 years. However, typically, most English speaking countries, including the USA, will require you to complete your bachelor of science degree in 4 years on average. Maybe you won’t be an expert in everything, but the general duration includes most important technical details and some preparational courses to make people ready to go out of the academic environment into the professional one. However, remember that learning should be personalized to your needs. Maybe you’ll take a gap year or take a break. Don’t push yourself about it too much. 

If you’re thinking about the cost of an average bachelor degree in architecture, it all depends on the location, popularity of the university, the number of student applicants, and many other factors. Of course, it won’t be extremely cheap because an average architect gets a pretty decent salary, so it is worth the money. Currently, the price of such a degree goes from $20,000 to $60,000 per year. Make sure to review all the information: quite often, online bachelor’s degrees in architecture can be cheaper. Depending on your needs and abilities, you can find the payment option that suits you best.

Maybe you’re wondering if this academic pursuit deserves your interest, and while everyone has a right to worry a little bit, remember that architecture is one of the most in-demand fields today. A lot of companies always need more professionals to hire, so you’ll have plenty of employment opportunities. 

Now that we’ve got this covered, we’ve written a short instruction on getting started. 

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Main Steps to Get a Degree in Architecture 

Try yourself. Research an educational service offering free or cheap introductory courses into architecture and learn for a few weeks or a month. Maybe you’ll write a few essays or do one trial task in AutoCAD and decide that it’s not for you. 

Check your budget. Regardless of your expectations, make sure to look through every college and university that you are considering and compare the prices. You’ll have to wait for some time until you’re hired by a well-paying company, so make sure you don’t get yourself into severe student debt. 

Choose accredited places. It’s important to get a bachelor’s degree in architecture from a reliable institution. While you may be unwilling to do it, it will guarantee you a better placement in the future. Pick the universities accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Search for the reviews on non-official websites to learn more about your alternatives. 

Prepare all your documents. It’s a boring step, but we know you need it. Make sure to study hard: you’ll face a high rivalry. Collect all the necessary papers and consult with your school counselor in case you don’t know what to do. Unsurprisingly, most students make a lot of mistakes here. Carefully research the requirements for every place you apply to. If you can’t do it alone, ask your parents or other caregivers for help. If you know senior students who can assist you, you won’t need to rewrite a lot of things from scratch because you’ll have a backup. 

One of the most important elements of getting accepted into a university is to compose a good application letter. It can depend on many factors, but you should invest in writing something that showcases your personality and your desire to get into architecture. Make a few drafts, compose motivational texts and highlight things that make you stand out. You’re more than just a list of your qualifications and study accomplishments. It can be hard at first, but you can do it for sure. Ask for help from someone you know is good at writing papers. 

If you still don’t know how to create an appealing motivational or application letter, contact essay writing service CustomWritings. You may find a lot of alternatives online. After you buy your first order from such a website, you can get help with other motivational, creative, or even technical tasks. Make your writing stronger. 

Online Bachelor Degree in Architecture

Not everyone can afford offline education because of different reasons, and it’s okay to decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture online. There are different reasons you can get an online degree. 

  • Work full-time. The best option for people who work and want to study is to choose an online education. 
  • Cheaper access to top universities. Let’s face it: offline education is more expensive even without the costs of books and living. Most institutions will require you a much higher price for the ability to attend physical classes. 
  • More variety. Some universities have a limited scope of courses, but when you’ve got access to your computer, you can study anything from ancient to landscape architecture. 
  • Family responsibilities. It’s difficult to combine writing your assignments, sketching new designs, and taking care of children or older family members. If you find yourself facing such a situation, take care of yourself and don’t worry. 
  • Flexibility. You will be able to control your life, visit friends and family, or have a part-time job while attending school at your own pace. You don’t need to sacrifice any quality for that, and you’ll be the master of your own learning process. 

We will note that almost all programs offer the same level of education, though you may be limited in some of the resources that will be available on campus. Some universities offer ebook versions of their supplemental materials while others will require you to travel and take everything on your own. But if you’re ready for such a challenge, nothing will stop you. 

Go for It!

We hope that this review gave you some inspiration and confidence. You have chosen an outstanding and inspiring field that you definitely deserve to discover and enjoy. Even if you still feel a little nervous, keep in mind that everyone is new on this path. Even more, you have only one life to enjoy the career of your dreams. So get ready, make a list of your dream schools, and start preparing for them! 

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