How to Transform Your Home Into an Entertainer’s Delight

Modern Living Room

After far too long waiting, the pandemic finally receded into the rear-view mirror and things began to return to normal again. The kids are back in school, the economy is booming and we can now do what we please and go where we want to. Our work lives have, in many cases, been forever changed as part-time or even full-time remote work is now a possibility. All in all, we have finally seen our world return to the happier, pre-pandemic days.

If you are social and love to entertain, the end of the pandemic opened up a realm of possibilities for you. You can now safely plan wonderful backyard barbecues and invite family and friends over for parties and special gatherings. Even planning your festive meals is easier, as you can now go grocery shopping and see the shelves fully stocked again. After months and months of seemingly endless isolation, it’s finally time to start enjoying life again. It’s a perfect time to plan some amazing gatherings, and to transform your home into an entertainer’s paradise.

Upgrade to a Chef’s Kitchen

At the heart of almost every social gathering is a good meal, and incredible dishes that tantalize the taste buds and please the palate. While you could prepare the food in an everyday household kitchen, you’ll have far better results if you upgrade to a chef-quality food preparation area. While you could completely remodel, there are also steps you can take to make your kitchen chef ready.

First, you’ll want to make sure that your space if clean, clutter-free and highly organized. Efficiency is key when you are cooking for a large group. Instead of hiding your pans in drawers, hang them overhead in easy reach of the cooking surfaces. Investing in a large, double bowl sink will help the food prep flow and take care of dirty dishes too. Installing a restaurant quality range will let you do performance cooking, and craft amazing meals too.

Chef's kitchen

Create a Beautiful Guest Room for Your Visitors

Once the pandemic began to lift, it released a pent-up demand for travel and adventure. People who had been confined to home for far too long were suddenly planning multiple trips in a year and celebrating their freedom again. As an entertainer, you know that you’ll have lots of family members and friends who would love to stop by and stay for a little while.

If you truly want to welcome your friends and have them be able to relax in supreme comfort after a long time on the road, the perfect bed is the right place to start. By doing your research online, you can find 5-star mattresses at affordable prices, and get the quality you want without breaking the bank. Sites like offer a great selection of top tier mattresses.

Guest Bedroom

Expand Your Indoor Entertaining Space Outdoors

During the pandemic, we learned all too quickly that space was at a premium in our homes. While we might have had enough room for everyday living, once you added home offices and kid’s classrooms to the mix it was woefully tight and cramped. One of the best ways to increase your living space, and create an ideal entertaining environment, is to extend your living and dining outside.

Instead of just having a regular patio or backyard, you can create a luxury environment when you add top quality outdoor sofas and chairs. Your guests will enjoy the gatherings and parties even more when they are seated in ultimate comfort. You will also find a great selection of outdoor dining tables that can accommodate any size celebration and group.

Add an Amazing Outdoor Kitchen

If all of your guests are gathered outside for a festive party or delightful meal, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is preparing and cooking all of the food inside. As an entertainer, it’s just no fun at all to be slaving over a hot stove indoors and having little to no interaction with everyone attending your event. Fortunately, by adding an outdoor kitchen, you can remedy this.

There’s a great selection of outdoor grills available that let you cook for large groups in style, and create delectable entrees and side dishes too. You might also want to add an outdoor pizza oven, so you’ll be able to prepare amazing Italian delights. When your guests are able to create their own pizza, with the perfect toppings for them, they’ll be talking about your party for months to come. Consider adding an outdoor refrigerator and prep sink to the mix too.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Magical Oasis

To truly wow your family and friends, you will want to do some outdoor decorating so you turn your ordinary backyard space into a magical oasis. It’s easy to do, and you will find great designer ideas that you can tap into. The soft warmth of string lighting overhead can add beauty and ambiance, and with path lighting guests will enjoy walking through your lovely garden in the evening.

When you add a firepit, you’ll create a magical space for gathering and for just relaxing and sharing stories around the fire all night long. An outdoor fountain can bring the soothing sound of a mountain stream to the setting. If you want to add colour to your oasis, consider flowering plants in small pots alive with decorator hues. As a final touch, hang some lanterns in the trees to bring add a magical touch.

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