Richard Gere Sells His House In Hudson Valley For $28 Million

Richard Gere

As one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, you’ve probably seen Richard Gere in different movie genres, including drama, thriller, and action. He’s also one of the mainstay actors for rom coms from the ‘80s to the ‘90s starring alongside Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, and Winona Ryder.

For over five decades in the industry, we’ve seen him grace the red carpet and magazines. But where does Richard Gere live? For over 20 years, the Pretty Woman actor and his family have been living at 81 Lyndel Road, Pound Ridge, NY. The property is strategically nestled amidst 4300 acres of protected land, which gives him and his family a quiet and peaceful refuge away from the paparazzi.

Richard Gere and His Hudson Valley Home

Richard Gere has starred in at least 54 movies. His acting career started in 1969. And he got his breakthrough role in 1977 when he starred alongside Diane Keaton in Looking for Mr. Goodbar, a dramatic thriller. He also posed for countless brands, billboards, and ads. Recently, his net worth is estimated at $120 Million.

Gere has lived at 81 Lyndel Road in Pound Ridge, New York for over 20 years. But recently, he put the home on the market under Ginnel Real Estate. He bought the compound for $1.51 million in 1986. The property sits on 48.7 acres with up to 11,658 sq. feet of living space. Since then, he made some renovations and built additional structures. Now, the property has a total of over 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 2 half-baths, and 5 structures.

His Hudson Valley home is considered one of the great American family compounds. It’s one hour away from New York City and 50 miles from Manhattan.

Hudson Valley is the go-to place for New Yorkers who’ve gotten tired of the hectic city vibe. The neighborhood is also famous for its music festivals, such as the Hudson Project, Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, and Mountain Ham. Foods at restaurants are often cooked with locally sourced ingredients. The Hudson Valley agriculture business is also a big thing to the point that every fruit has a festival. The apple festival, for instance, is an annual event held every first weekend of autumn. Meanwhile, the strawberry festival happens in June, and the blueberry festival is celebrated in August.

Interesting Features of Gere’s Hudson Valley Home

Gere’s bucolic property has the perfect blend of design, functionality, and privacy. It’s built to meet the needs of his huge family without compromising comfort and style. Based on listing images, these are the top features of his home:

  • The main residence – This is the largest structure on the property, which occupies 11,658 square feet of the compound. It follows the New England style exuding a lot of colonial charm. The 3-story structure is fitted with top-of-the-line home tech, appliances, and furnishings. All 19 rooms of the main residence are fitted with huge doors and windows that let in a lot of natural light, making the entire interior look airy and bright.
  • Outdoor features – With the size of the property, it’s not a surprise Gere was able to create a mini-park right inside the compound. He has a private lake with a sandy beach. There’s also an island in the middle of the lake. The rolling hills nearby are perfect for horseback riding. Kids can also make forts and playhouses out of the mature weeping willows in the surroundings. There’s also a hidden soccer field and a vegetable garden. The property’s mature plantings also reveal their colorful foliage throughout the seasons.
  • Other structures – Aside from the main residence, Gere also built other structures during the 20 years that he’s been living in the compound. The property has a shed, barn, stables, and of course, a pool house near the swimming pool. These outbuildings are strategically designed to look like they’ve always been there. The New England aesthetic exudes from all of these structures, as well.

Where does Richard Gere Live now?

After putting his Hudson Valley home on the market for $28 Million, Richard Gere and his wife  Alejandra Silva moved to a new property in North Salem. Gere’s stately and historic Georgian home sits on 26 acres of land. He bought the estate in January 2021 at $10 million. The residence is designed by Mott Schmidt, a notable architect who styled the property in 1934 for a Woolworth heir. The estate has an outdoor pool, a wine cellar, and a gym. There’s also an indoor lap pool built inside what used to be a greenhouse.

North Salem is dubbed the “Billionaires’ Dirt Road.” It’s an ultra-wealthy, famously private community where Larry Fink, David Letterman, Georgina Bloomberg, and Bill Gates’ daughter Jenn Gates live.

As an A-list Hollywood actor, Richard Gere has had his share of hectic schedules and long work days. Now in his 70s, he has chosen to live a peaceful and quiet life with his family.

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