Taking A Tour Inside Charlize Theron’s Houses In Malibu and Hollywood

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces due to her versatility and iconic beauty. Throughout her acting career, she has played various roles from action to drama and fantasy. She has starred in at least 60 movies. And some of her most popular films are the Huntsman (2012 & 2016), Mad Max (2015), and Hancock (2008). Her major acting breakthrough came when she portrayed the real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster, which won her an Oscar Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role (2003) and a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (2004).

Charlize has been nominated for several other awards, including Cannes, Screen Actors Guild, BAFTA, and Primetime Emmy. And she’s won her fair share of them, making her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated at $160 million. Of course, a huge portion of her wealth comes from her movies. Acting aside, she also makes money from endorsement deals (e.g., L’Oreal, Breil Milano, and Honda Life.

Where does Charlize Theron Live Now?

Yes, the A-list actress spends a fortune on her glam lifestyle. But she also invested a fair share of her wealth in prime properties. Although she was born in South Africa, Charlize Theron currently lives in California where she owns 3 properties in different cities. In this post, we’ll take a look at the homes of Charlize Theron in Malibu and Hollywood Hills.

Charlize Theron’s Malibu Home

Charlize Theron’s beach-front property in La Costa Beach in Malibu, L.A. is nothing short of luxurious. Her home is located in one of the area’s luxurious neighborhoods. Data from shows that one needs to earn at least $220,000 annually to live in Western or Central Malibu. And that’s because the cost of living in the area is 186% higher than the national average.

Charlize Theron’s home follows the Spanish-Revival style. The home also features a Contemporary Mediterranean design that perfectly marries modern elements with organic architecture. The 2095-square-feet property has 3 and a half bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

Beachfront house owned by Charlize Theron

The interior area follows a monochrome color scheme of white-colored walls. The vaulted ceiling, windows, floors, and door frames are all wooden, which added a touch of elegance to the interior. The accents and decor are also carefully chosen to add a subtle, but pretty and noticeable play of colors. For instance, the living area features yellow, gold, off-white, and dark magenta pink throw pillows. The fabrics of the furniture also have pretty patterns.

Patio with furniture and a beach view

The first floor of the property is aptly fitted with huge floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, which offer a panoramic view of the beach and ocean outside. One can enjoy a great view of the beach from the bedroom on the 1st floor, the kitchen, the living room, and the courtyard.

And for the outdoor area, Charlize opted to have a Cabana-covered, open deck facing the sea. There’s also a fireplace, fire pit, outdoor water-showers, built-in barbecue, and a spa tub. The outdoor area is indeed a perfect place to relax, especially during starry summer nights.

Roofed patio with furniture
Bedroom with a carpet

Charlize Theron’s Hollywood Home

Aside from Charlize Theron’s property in Malibu, she also has a penthouse in Hollywood Hills. She bought the 2,350-square-foot property in 2007 at $2.75 million. Her 2-floor loft-style home has 2 bathrooms and 1 bedroom that’s fitted with high ceilings and hardwood floors. The property used to be a department store in the 1920s.

In the receiving area and lounge, you can find huge, elegant windows and stylish black and white couches. A huge part of the area is also covered with a large white fur carpet. The bedroom features a king-size bed with black striped pillows and a comforter. And in the kitchen, Charlize Theron opted to have stainless steel cabinets and elegant lighting.

Charlize Theron’s property in Hollywood Hills
Empty living room

Located at 1645 Vine Street, the abode also includes 3 terraces with stunning views of the iconic Capitol Records building and the rest of the city. Charlize reportedly bought the property for her mother. The village is also a star-studded neighborhood. Aside from Charlize, Wilmer Valderama, Jack Osborne, and Jason Statham also live nearby.

Living room and kitchen area
Kitchen with white countertops
Outdoor pool and garden

Charlize Theron has been active in the entertainment industry since 1995. Since then, she was able to nurture a lucrative career that helped her build her wealth. And over the years, she managed to secure for herself a few luxurious and coveted real estate properties all over the country. When not busy acting, she visits her home country, South Africa, for charity work.

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