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Top 5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Space for Kids

It is important for kids growing up to have their own space to explore their interests and indulge in their passions. Whether it is doing imaginative play or simply delving into the world of books, kids will love a room for themselves. Ideally, there should be also be a place where they can roam, one that is functional and big enough for their entertainment. Plus, it must be safe too.

If you are planning to renovate a space for your kids in your current home, it may feel daunting due to the complexity of the job ahead. But don’t fret! With patience, determination, and a good dose of creativity, you can make this possible. Here are some of the things you need to consider before you delve into this exciting endeavor.

Start with a Good Plan

Any renovation moves in your home need careful planning. After all, you are not starting from scratch, so it makes the job more complicated than building a new house. Planning everything out before getting any real work done is the best way to minimize costly mistakes.

Begin by creating a detailed design direction. What do you want in this particular renovation project? You might be planning to turn an unutilized stockroom into an entertainment room for your growing kids. With this in mind, you need to play out the next steps in the process. Will there be structural changes? Does it involve knocking down walls or moving wires and plumbing fixtures?

You may also want to start thinking about the expenses. How much are you willing to fork out for this renovation project? Do you want to go the DIY route, or will hiring a trusted contractor be better?

While looking at the big picture is important, you also need to think of the little details. Only then can you bring your vision to life with little to no obstacles.

Think of a Realistic Timeframe

Renovation ideas often take time. It’s not something that you can accomplish overnight. Since you have already laid out the plan, you can start creating a schedule. List down all the tasks that need to be done and in what order. More importantly, decide how much time you want to devote to the job. This will help you with the budget and ensure you won’t lose steam as you pour long hours and lots of hard work into the renovation process.

With a working schedule in place, you will be able to work at a steady pace. You can also focus on the current job at hand until each phase of the project is completed. Also, it might be worth considering giving your project ample allowance. There might be unforeseen circumstances beyond your control, such as unfavorable weather conditions and other things that can derail the project. You will need to adjust your expectations and allow for delays.

Include Your Kids in the Decision-Making Process

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For kids who are old enough to share their input in the project, it is best to include them when making decisions. After all, they are the ones who will use the space. Letting them participate in a limited but fun way during the planning process will make this project more meaningful. They might have their own preferences regarding the paint color and furnishing.

If you plan to build an indoor playground, for example, it may be worth consulting them about the color of the commercial playground equipment, if you plan on adding playsets. There are assembled equipment that have multiple color scheme options. They can help choose the best color combination for their indoor playroom.

Older kids may want a quieter space for studying. You can let them choose their own furniture and other furnishings. They might prefer a floating bookshelf instead of a traditional one. They might want the paint of the room to be of a more subdued color than the bright yellow that you prefer.

Give the Room a Personality

You will want a fun and unique place for your kids. When they enter the room, they know that it is their space—a sanctuary where they can retreat and relax. You may want to ensure that the room has a personality that will make it unmistakably theirs. For example, pick distinctive but kid-safe commercial flooring that will lend the space a unique look. Maybe you’d like to give the room a stunning focal point, like turning the ceiling into a galaxy of swirling stars.

Some kids prefer a secret and private space, so transforming the attic into their haven will be a good idea. You can section off the room with a bookcase wall or give them a secret space for a reading nook. Installing a nap spot with a day bed and dozens of cushions might also be a good idea.

Mind the Space

It is good to provide a safe and comfy space for your kids, but you also need to ensure you are maximizing the allotted space. This means thinking over whether build-in pieces are the right fit for the vacant space and your children’s needs. While built-in furniture might save you some space, they tend to be more permanent.

You need to make sure they can evolve as your kids grow. For example, a built-in bookshelf can still serve its purpose no matter what age kids are in. You can just change the paint to ease the transition.

Wrapping It Up

Planning a space with your kids in mind might be a bit stressful as there’s plenty to consider. It’s an endeavor that requires careful planning, a realistic timeframe, and attention to detail.

But remember that those are all parts of a process that will result in a sanctuary your children will love and enjoy for years to come. Get your creative juices flowing today!

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