TV Tower Christmas Tree Vilnius, Lithuania

TV Tower Christmas Tree Vilnius, Lithuania

Symphony of Lights: December Illumination at Vilnius TV Tower

In the course of December, the Vilnius TV Tower will undergo a captivating transformation, adorned in an array of vibrant colors reminiscent of the northern lights. The programmed light dynamic effects, carefully curated, will impart an enchanting ambiance during the evening hours. Embracing the festive spirit, from December 22 to 30, the tower will be elegantly illuminated in a luminous green hue, symbolizing the grandeur of the season as the country’s tallest Christmas tree.

As New Year’s Eve unfolds on December 31, and throughout the night, the tower will once again captivate with its multi-colored, dynamically changing lighting display. This artistic illumination not only contributes to the celebratory atmosphere but also underscores the tower’s versatility in embracing diverse visual experiences.

The TV Tower Christmas Tree Vilnius, Lithuania
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Vilnius TV Tower: A Symbol of Resilience, Innovation, and Remembrance

The Vilnius TV Tower, a prominent structure on the skyline of Lithuania’s capital, stands not only as a testament to architectural ingenuity but also as a witness to the country’s historical struggle for independence. From its conception in the 1970s to its role in the events of January 1991, this iconic tower embodies resilience, innovation, and remembrance. This article delves into the design and construction, historical significance, and ongoing legacy of the Vilnius TV Tower.

Architectural Vision

V. Obydov designed them. The Vilnius TV Tower’s architectural vision aimed for a structure that served as a broadcasting hub and symbolized strength and modernism. The tower’s engineering section, overseen by K. Balėnas, complemented the architectural design, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Commencement and Completion

Construction commenced on May 31, 1974, as part of the 11th Five-Year Plan of the Soviet Union. The tower’s completion on December 30, 1980, marked a significant milestone in the region’s technological and architectural advancements.

Structural Composition

The tower’s impressive structure consists of a concrete base, a 190-meter hollow reinforced concrete pipe, a reinforced concrete saucer, and a 136-meter steel spike. Combining these elements forms a robust foundation for housing radio transmitters and antennas.

Spectacular Views

Situated 165 meters above the ground, the tower’s observation deck offers breathtaking panoramic views of Vilnius and its surroundings. The accompanying cafe, “Paukščių takas” (Milky Way), provides visitors with a visual treat and a unique culinary experience.

Rotating Platform

A rotating platform, making a complete revolution every 45 minutes, enhances the visitor experience, allowing them to absorb the city’s beauty from different vantage points. High-speed elevators whisk patrons from ground level to the cafe in 40 seconds.

Historical Significance and Remembrance

The Vilnius TV Tower played a pivotal role in the tragic events of January 13, 1991, when Soviet forces attempted to seize control. Fourteen unarmed civilians lost their lives, and 700 were injured during the struggle against the military seizure. The tower’s ground floor now houses a museum dedicated to the January 1991 battle.

Annual Commemorations

Every January 12, hundreds gather near the tower to pay homage to those who sacrificed their lives for Lithuania’s freedom. A remembrance bonfire is lit, flowers are laid at the sites of the fallen, and poignant poetry and music create a sad yet powerful atmosphere.

Seasonal Transformations

Since 2000, the Vilnius TV Tower has undergone creative seasonal transformations. It is adorned as a majestic tree during Christmas, while significant events like the 2006 World Basketball Championship showcased a colossal basketball net.

The TV Tower Christmas Tree Vilnius, Lithuania

Symbolic Lighting

Since 2019, LED lighting has enhanced the tower’s aesthetics, with its glow-changing colors to mirror the Lithuanian flag during national celebrations. This symbolic illumination adds a contemporary touch to the tower’s profile.

Memorial Sculpture “Sacrifice”

In 2005, a powerful 8-meter bronze sculpture titled “Sacrifice” was unveiled to commemorate the defenders of the TV Tower. The stylized figure standing on a bell, engraved with Lithuania’s national hymn, serves as a lasting symbol of sacrifice and independence.

Historic Antenna Park

In 2011, a historical park of antennas was opened near the TV Tower, commemorating 85 years of broadcasting Lithuanian radio programs. Various antennas showcase the technological journey of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Center.

The Vilnius TV Tower stands tall in physical stature and as a poignant symbol of Lithuania’s historical resilience and quest for freedom. From its groundbreaking construction to the tragic events of 1991 and the ongoing innovations and commemorations, the tower remains an integral part of the nation’s identity. As it evolves, the Vilnius TV Tower embodies the spirit of progress, remembrance, and the enduring pursuit of liberty.

Further Information On TV Tower Christmas Tree Vilnius Lithuania

Date Construction Started: 31 May, 1974

Date Opened: December 30, 1981

Cost Of Building: $3.5 million

Architect: V. Obydov

Architectural Style: Modernism

Size Or Floor Area: N/A

Height: 326 meters

Function Or Purpose: TV tower

Address: Sausio 13-osios g. 10, 04347 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone Number: +370 5 252 5333


Opening Hours: Daily: 11:00-21:00

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