What Are the Ugliest Interior Design Styles?

Table And Chairs

Everyone always talks about the most attractive interior design styles. But it’s not too often you hear about the least attractive interior design styles. It’s just as helpful to understand what to avoid when designing your home as what to utilize.

In this article, we’re uncovering the trends that should have never started in the first place, the ugly trends that became ugly because they were overused, and the ones that started out with promise and, for whatever reason, didn’t have the same appeal we thought they would.

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Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture includes the waterbeds from the 70s and 80s. But perhaps the most egregious iteration of inflatable furniture was the 90s chairs and sofas teenagers were a fan of.

Thankfully, the bubble on this trend burst and we don’t see these too often anymore. That doesn’t change the fact that inflatable chairs and sofas were an affront against humanity that would do well to be forgotten. Thankfully, this trend is a thing of the past and we no longer have to worry about those inflatable atrocities disgracing your living room.


This one is just strange. All it takes is a look deeper into what taxidermy is to explain why it’s a bit off to have a stuffed carcass decorating your living room mantle. Even if you’re a hunter, I just can’t understand why you would want to be surrounded by the corpses of the animals you’ve killed. Not only is taxidermy weird, it’s also expensive and time-consuming. Why would you want to spend that kind of money and time on something so macabre?

Carpeted Bathrooms

The bathroom is not an area for carpets. Though, you couldn’t tell from the way carpeted bathrooms were a thing in the 60s and 90s. These carpets were designed to make bathrooms look more luxurious and inviting. However, wet carpet after a shower doesn’t sound very posh. Sure, we have bathmats, but you can throw those in the wash. Moist carpet feels as disgusting as it sounds and this trend should stay where it belongs: in obscurity.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are a love hate thing, but I certainly stand on the side of hating these gaudy mishaps. What are you, a psychic? Either put a door there or have it be an open passage. You’re not mystical and those beads are disorienting when walking through them. Are you trying to make your guests trip over themselves as they enter the kitchen? I’m all for creating clear separations between rooms, but the beads have to go.

Quotes On Walls

Word art has been increasing in popularity for the better part of a decade and it would be best for this trend to slow down and disappear. “Live, Laugh, Love” stopped being inspiring about the second time it was uttered, let alone plastered to a wall. The love affair is over and no one is smiling when they see this worn out platitude. Most of the other sayings that emerged in its wake are no better. They immediately spark disdain from most visitors who haven’t the guts to call out the elephant in the room: that these decorations don’t deserve a place anywhere in your home and should be treated like what they really are, junk.

Bean Bag Chairs

There was a time when bean bag chairs were considered funky and groovy. In the 2010s, they received a resurgence of popularity, The aim was a relaxing approach to informal luxury. They missed the mark completely. Bean bag chairs, no matter how tempting they might be, will never be cool, so resist the urge. In theory, it all adds up: a giant , colorful cushion that you can sink into. Despite the temptation, it’s best to let this one fade into the annals as a misguided attempt to be cool.

Carpeted Walls

It’s understandable that you would want to add texture to your walls, but at what cost? Why put that needs vacuuming on the wall? Shag carpets can be forgiven by some when they’re on the floor, but when they migrate to the wall, you’ve lost all hope.

Fake Fruit

Yes, you should fill your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s good to be healthy, but using fake fruits as a decorative element is tacky. If you want to make your home look outdated, impersonal, and phony, by all means, put the wooden apple in the centerpiece. But if you want people to take your home decorations seriously, keep the fruits and vegetables where they belong.

Mason Jars

For some reason, we love mason jars. Not sure the reason for the love, but it’s been there for a while. It seems like some of the fervor surrounding mason jars is dying down, but there’s no questioning this fad went a little too far. Mason jars aren’t the ugliest or self-indulgent item on this list, but the fanaticism surrounding these jars was out of hand. Entire themes were centered around mason jars. It’s no wonder they ran out of steam. From vases to candleholders and purely decorative elements, mason jars got too big for their britches. It’s a shame, because they do have practical purposes.

Linoleum Floors

Popular in the 50s, linoleum flooring had its heyday, when bright colors were also in vogue. Additionally, linoleum floors were economical and easy to maintain. However, since the emergence of vinyl flooring alternatives, linoleum, especially the kind with pattern designs, has fallen by the wayside.

Conclusion- What Are the Ugliest Interior Design Styles?

These styles should be easy for you to wave goodbye to. There’s no reason to fall victim to the same old approach to your interior design. There are plenty of attractive interior design styles to implement into your home. You don’t need to fall victim to the tropes you see in everyday life and online.


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