Why Access Doors Are Important in Commercial Buildings

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In the world of construction today, people are always looking for new concepts that cover both aesthetics and function. More clients become more interested in the functionality and comfort that a building provides for its occupants. One building accessory that provides functionality, especially in commercial buildings, and quite popular among contractors is the access door. Nowadays, you can find access doors in just about every house and commercial construction. 

However, some people are not aware of what an access door is capable of or its purpose in the construction industry. While access doors have been present in the construction world for centuries now, they remain as functional as before. From holes in the ground with covers to the white metal doors that we are now familiar with, access doors have come a long way in the industry. To help you better understand the different uses of access doors, we wrote an article that will tell you why access doors are essential in commercial buildings.

The Importance of Access Doors 

The main reason why access doors started is to give the residents or occupants access to areas or spaces that are hard to reach. These areas are usually behind walls, beneath the floors, stairs, or ceilings. However, it is not the only reason why it is crucial to install access panels, especially in today’s modern setting of commercial buildings. Here are some additional benefits of installing access doors 

1. Safety Reasons

Commercial buildings these days are highly dependent on electricity. The use of wires and cables to supply an entire building with electricity and Internet connection is inevitable. Unfortunately, wires and cables in a space can be risky, especially in busy areas. To avoid electrical accidents or slip injuries, building a space behind walls or floors to hide wires and cables is now a perfect solution. Such openings can come with fire-rated access doors to ensure that the electrical components are protected from moisture, tampering, or causing people to trip. 

2. Alternative Storage 

Access panels also help in providing alternative storage, especially in busy offices. With the innovation of security access doors, commercial buildings can now have a secure vault for storing precious items. These doors are designed to blend in well with the surrounding area and are not visible to unauthorized persons’ eyes.

3. Different Uses 

Many solutions have now emerged in the market because of the many needs for the application of access doors. An access panel perfect for a crawl space might not be the one you would want for a plumbing space or a duct. Here are the types of access doors and their uses:

  • Wall Access Doors 

Wall access doors are perfect for various uses, such as plumbing, cables, pipes, wires and cables, storage spaces, or crawl spaces found in walls. 

  • Heavy-Duty Wall Access Doors

There will be times when larger openings are required to store equipment or more powerful tools in commercial buildings. For these kinds of situations, a heavy-duty wall access door is the solution. Such doors are ideal for large openings and consist of thicker steel for extra reinforcement.

  • Ceiling Access Doors and Panels

When it comes to access openings in ceilings, you can use access doors or panels. These types of doors are often for providing access to crawl spaces or attics. 

  • Roof Access Doors and Hatches 

For easier access to the roof, roof access doors and hatches are better than ladders. These doors and hatches make accessing a swamp cooler or solar panel or reaching building equipment at the top of the roof easier than ever. Moreover, a roof access door is also perfect for getting to a roof patio. 

  • Bathroom Plumbing Access Doors 

Pipes in commercial and residential buildings need maintenance and repairs. Having watertight access doors is critical for bathroom plumbing, especially if you want to keep moisture out. 

  • Floor Access Doors and Panels 

These kinds of doors and panels are perfect for accessing electrical parts, sewage systems, underground pipes, and even storage areas under the floor. 

  • Duct Access Doors 

Duct access doors are great for providing easy access to personnel when ducts need cleaning or repairs. 

  • AV or Theater 

While access doors for studios or theaters are less commonly-used, these are still perfect for hiding cables and fiber optics. These doors are usually lightweight and durable to last a long time, especially since such areas require frequent opening and closing. 

The Takeaway 

No matter what purpose access doors serve, it is undeniable that they have discretely served the ever dynamic construction industry for many years now. They are the silent saviors of contractors, mechanics, architects, and other construction professionals in all types of build– houses, skyscrapers, commercial buildings, and even ground construction.

If you’re looking to install quality access doors in your commercial building projects, it is better to partner with a reliable company trusted by contractors and builders. Visit Access Doors and Panels today! 


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