Morgan Wallen Decides to Sell His House In Nashville

Morgan Wallen

If you’re fond of country music, you probably know Morgan Wallen. He’s an American country music songwriter and singer who captured the public’s attention when he joined the sixth season of The Voice. Since the competition, he has released several records, topped charts, and appeared in commercials. His recent record release, Dangerous: The Double Album, spent 11 weeks on the top of album charts.

Now with an estimated net worth of $4 million, he’s also able to purchase properties and bulk up his investment portfolio. In this post, we’ll take a look at Morgan’s home in Nashville, which he decided to sell recently.

Where does Morgan Wallen live?

Morgan Wallen’s house in Nashville has been his residence since the start of his music career. This is also where he was reportedly heard saying the N-word after a rowdy night with friends. The racial slur he committed made the headlines the next day as coverage and footage of the incident also leaked.

For sure, Morgan might have a lot of other reasons to sell his Nashville house. But for someone who’s been heard hurling a racial slur, it might not be safe for him to continue living there. Putting his home on the market might be a good move.

According to Zillow, an American real-estate marketplace company, he was able to sell his residence for $835,000. The previous sale price of Morgan’s home was $700,000, which means he was able to bag a 19.3% gain.

Morgan Wallen's house Nashville

Design and Features of Morgan Wallen’s Home in Nashville

Morgan’s home is located near 12South and Melrose neighborhoods in Nashville. The residence sits on a 2,759 square foot lot and has three bathrooms and four bathrooms. It is a recently-built duplex house that offers plenty of amenities, such as ultra-modern appliances, sleek hardwood floors, and spacious views.

●       Interior

Morgan’s house features an upstairs master suite with great views, a main level, and ensuite options. The flooring is dark gray. And the walls are painted off-white. Morgan also opted to have recessed wall shelves for decor, books, and of course, his trophies and awards. Chandeliers and wall-mounted lights added a touch of elegance and drama to the interior. And the huge French windows have made the interior area look more airy and spacious.

In the kitchen and dining area, Morgan has a 36″ Bertazzoni range. At the center of the space is a large kitchen island with a sink and an eat-in option. Then, there’s a three-door French fridge surrounded by gray cabinets.

Kitchen with appliances
Second floor of a house

●       Exterior

From the outside, Morgan’s property looks modern and sleek. He opted to have a combination of dark gray and white for the color scheme of the wall sheathing and siding. There’s also a privacy fence. The rooftop deck offers a breathtaking view of the neighborhood. And it’s also where Morgan built his wine bar. The front door could be reached via a white staircase with railings. Then, there’s a garage area for two cars. Decorative plants line the driveway, as well as the staircase leading to the front door.

Front door of Morgan Wallen's house
Balcony of a house

The Neighborhood Vibe Around Morgan Wallen’s Property in Nashville

The house of Morgan is strategically located near two of the best neighborhoods of Nashville, 12South and Melrose. 12South is well-loved for its bars, coffee houses, restaurants, and bakeries. It’s one of the state’s top dining and shopping destinations. Meanwhile, the Melrose area is also famous for its architectural features, such as historic homes. On top of that, it’s also a hub for fashion mavens and foods.

Other neighborhoods and areas of Nashville are worth visiting, as well. For instance, some of the top attractions are Robert’s Western World, Pinewood Social, Marathon Village, Goo Goo Cluster, and Belle Meade Plantation. Street art in Nashville is also a must-see. Plus, there’s a wealth of hangout places with rooftop bars that are worth a visit if you feel like indulging in some picturesque city view. Or if you like to hike or enjoy some natural scenery, you can visit Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. Music lovers can also visit the National Museum of African American Music.

Yes, Morgan Wallen’s home in Nashville might be a great pick. But it is in his best interest to let go of the property and look for another house while letting his racial issues cool down. Recently, the country music star also shared that he donated over $500,000 to the Black Music Action. Although he has his personal ups and downs, Morgan still enjoys some level of success in his career. And we can only stay updated on his new records and home purchases.

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