Important Things People Forget With Bathroom Remodels

Minimalistic Bathroom Design

A bathroom remodel is an exciting yet challenging project – especially when you are doing it yourself.

In anticipation of remodeling, you may start googling something like ‘handtuchradiatoren und elektrische badheizkörper” to find the top quality Swiss-made products, but at the same time, you may forget some essentials. And this can be disastrous. Not only will your bathroom remodel may fail, but you may also have to spend twice the amount in fixing the mistakes. It is why we have dedicated this post to important things people forget with bathroom remodels. Read on!


When remodeling a bathroom, it is easy to lose yourself in the appearance and feel. You want the bathroom to look just as you envisioned it to be. But while doing so, don’t forget that it should be practical too. 

It’s best to start the project with proper planning. Jot down your ideas on a paper and determine what features can be incorporated without compromising on the functionality.

Also, decide which materials will be used and how much they will cost. Most bathroom remodels will cost you 10% to 15% more than the initial quote. It’s because there are many repairs and maintenance work that pops up in the process.


Strategically placed lights can make a world of difference in your bathroom’s ambiance.

If you install a small downlight above your large vanity, chances are that the light will cast huge shadows. You won’t be able to see yourself properly or do makeup. However, if you install two more lights on the sides of the vanity, the resultant light will be balanced and proportionate.

Similarly, the type of light also affects your experience. Place recessed LED lights all over your bathroom roof, and the space will feel too bright to be comfortable. So, it’s better to explore different lights and decide which ones will create the desired feel in your bathroom.

Bathroom With LED Lights


It doesn’t matter how big or small your bathroom is. You must have adequate storage space to keep all the toiletries and supplies. If you don’t have that, your beautiful bathroom can instantly transform into a crowded space.

So, first, consider the different types of things that you regularly keep in your bathroom. Then, look for vanity and cabinet designs with the required storage space.

If you can’t find a suitable design, ask your interior designer for a custom-built vanity or cabinet. This may be slightly expensive, but you won’t have to face storage issues in the future.


Warm and wet air is inevitable in bathrooms. Whenever you take a hot shower, water will evaporate and move into the air. This means high moisture levels.

If there is no proper ventilation system, moisture can accumulate and damage the walls, flooring, and even those delicate timber vanities. Mold can also settle if unnoticed early and ruin your bathroom in the long run.

To avoid all this, make sure to install a small window and exhaust fan in your bathroom. Install more fans if the area is big and requires different ventilation points.


Let’s be honest – nobody likes cleaning bathrooms. But, unless you have the money to hire professionals every month, you have to do this sad job yourself.

The good news is that if you get a little clever with bathroom remodeling, it is possible to make cleaning a breeze. For example, you can choose wall-mounted vanities or leave a few inches of gap between the floor and the vanity surface.

This will ensure you can reach out to the dirt in the corners and clean it. Likewise, non-porous countertops can keep the grime from settling into cracks and holes. Just wipe, and they will stay clean!


Having the most beautiful toilet in the world doesn’t make it wonderful. It may look good but it still doesn’t feel nice when the toilet is the center of attention in the bathroom. So, you should look for ways to disguise the toilet like:

●     Create a partition wall

●     Separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom

●     Place the toilet behind the door

You can also keep the toilet in plain sight without drawing attention to it. Just make sure the focal point of the bathroom is something else, like an interesting portrait or a luxury soaking tub.

Bathroom With A Shower And Toilet


Lastly, always pay attention to the type of flooring in your bathroom. Since the floor can and will become wet, it is easy to slip and injure yourself. This is especially true for the elderly,  children, and those who are in a hurry.

When remodeling the bathroom, invest in a slip-resistant floor material like rubber. It never remains wet for long, and if someone falls, the rubber cushions the impact.

Vinyl is another great example that not only prevents slipping but also comes in a variety of designs. You can choose a wood grain, marble, or any other type of vinyl sheet to create the look you want.

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