Let’s Step Inside Lenny Kravitz’s House Inside His Brazilian Compound

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz’s idyllic home lies in one of Brazil’s forests, specifically in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s take a look at how the prolific designer and A-list rockstar turned a bygone coffee plantation into a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and creativity.

Who Is Lenny Kravitz?

As a Grammy Award-winning musician, Lenny Kravitz definitely knows where and how creativity happens. And as a designer, he has a knack for creating an environment conducive to creativity. He is well-loved for his music and crafts that combine different influences, periods, genres, and styles into one harmonious whole.

Aside from being a four-time Grammy winner, Lenny also owns Kravitz Design, a conceptual creative studio he established in 2003. Through this company, he was able to design hotel suites and public spaces, especially in Toronto, Las Vegas, and Miami. He developed a wide range of home design products, such as ceramic tile, furniture, wallpaper, and door hardware. He even designed a Rolex watch and Leica camera. He also manages the interiors of 75 Kenmare, a new condo building in the Nolita neighborhood, NY. And of course, one of his most remarkable projects is his own house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lenny Kravitz sitting on a concrete staircase
Horses and a dog on Lenny Kravitz's garden

Lenny Kravitz’s House – The Inspiration

In one of his interviews, he mentioned that the inspiration behind his Brazilian house came when his tour was just about to end. Less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to fly to Miami, he got a call and invitation from a friend to visit a countryside property. The rest of the tour team was already preparing to go home, but he had a feeling that he needed to stay for an adventure, he mentioned. And he was certainly rewarded for taking the risk. He arrived at the property at night. The next morning, he woke to the scenic view of lush landscapes in the middle of a valley, surrounded by farm animals, vegetable fields, mountains, and fruit grooves.

His excursion to the property dragged on in a surprisingly beautiful way. One day became one week; one week became one month, and one month became six months. He felt like he just dropped out of his rockstar life. As he started to travel around Brazil, he became attracted to the country’s land, music, culture, and people. He also learned about farming and riding horses. And most importantly, he was able to discover and appreciate the beauty of reconnecting with nature.

Lenny Kravitz holding a guitar on his bed

Lenny Kravitz’s House – The Mission

Two years after that chance excursion, in 2007, he went back to Brazil again. And at that time, he made sure to purchase the 1,000-acre property that fascinated him. It costs $3 million, and it’s worth every dollar. And he has one goal in mind – to maintain the operations of the farm while creating an artistic Eden that would be a personal retreat for his collaborators, friends, and family. He created a space where nature and art would co-exist in perfect harmony. Then, he called it “a place to unplug, reset your life, and take the time to be quiet and actually hear yourself.”

The property has 19th-century Portuguese colonial-style farmhouses. There are also outbuildings, which Kravitz painstakingly converted into a full gym, guest quarters, a recording studio, and a pool house. He started the renovation project by repainting existing structures with bright colors.

Lenny Kravitz's bedroom
Bedroom with speakers

The One-of-a-Kind Creation

After many years of renovation, Lenny was able to create a sanctuary that could fuel his creativity. The interior has a very old colonial feel with its heavy wood furniture and matching upholstery and wallpaper. Meanwhile, the outdoor area exudes a distinctive Brazilian countryside.

Specifically, these are the notable features of his home:

  • Living room – The living room features a reclaimed redwood table created by Todd Merrill Studio. On top of it sits an antique pewter candelabra. There are also swivel chairs made in the 1960s, Chris Wyrick murals, and a Ligne Roset sofa by Michel Ducaroy. And most importantly, this is where Lenny displayed one of Kravitz Designs’ own creations, a custom Spanish-Cedar wood shelving.
  • Master Suite – The master suite boasts a vintage bed by Vladimir Kagan, lacquered cocktail table by Willy Rizzo, and wood chairs by Zanini de Zanine. The master bath has a copper tub by WS Bath Collections. The walls are covered with palm-inspired murals by Chris Wyrick.
  • Sitting room – The sitting room’s accents are artworks by Chris Wyrick and Lenny Kravitz himself.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen wall is covered with custom local tiles.
  • Guesthouse – The great room of the guesthouse features murals by Wyrick, a sofa by Kravitz Design, and a Brazilian-rosewood cocktail table by Jorge Zalszupin. It also has a covered terrace.
  • Other interior features – The left wall features drawings and designs by Kravitz. There’s also a gallery nook with pine benches, an antique mahogany table, and imbuia-wood armchairs. The lower-level rooms have an early-20th century settee and armchair by Louis Marjorelle and a Circa-1970 swivel chair by Leon Rosen.
  • Garden and exterior area – Of course, the outdoor area is the best part of Lenny’s residence. He makes sure to maintain the plantation, coconut palms, farm animals, and fruit grooves. Then, he built a huge swimming pool, as well as a lagoon, barbecue area, and soccer field. Outdoor seating, such as chaise lounges and Angelim wood chairs, also line the poolside.
Living room with chairs and ceiling fans
Living room with shelves and furniture

Yes, the rockstar lifestyle could become pretty hectic and overwhelming sometimes. Good thing Lenny has a go-to place when things get too busy. At his Brazilian countryside property, he can definitely find a place to relax, reconnect with nature, and pique his creativity.

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