A Tour of Anna Wintour’s Stylish House in Long Island

Anna Wintour

Long Island is famous for its cluster of luxurious homes, which are often featured on our favorite design websites and magazines. And Anna Wintour’s home is not an exception. As expected from a fashion queen, her abode exudes elegance, spontaneity, and style with a little bit of randomness that only she can pull off.

Wintour has been the editor-in-chief of American Vogue since 1988 and the Global Chief Content Officer for Condé Nast since 2020. With her career in fashion and lifestyle journalism that spans over 5 decades, she sure has a rich design experience to draw from for the inspiration for her home. And she has the contacts of some of the world’s best designers on speed dial.

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The long-time fashion icon opted to choose her home’s location based on space and functionality over exclusivity. She chose a property in Mastic, a ‘blue-collar town” on the Forge River. It was an affordable but handsome property constructed in 1820. It boasts of a classic colonial clapboard style that’s almost the same as The Hamptons.

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Wintour’s estate covers 42 acres of land that goes as far as the water’s edge of Lons Creek. Over the years, Anna also bought the adjacent properties, such as the 1834 farmhouse that comes with 12 small bedrooms and other additions. She also purchased the 5.9-acre waterfront home nearby at $350,000, which was initially marketed at $799,000.

Much like her OOTDs and other fashion items, Wintour’s home is frequently featured in magazines, such as The World of Interiors. Plus, her kids often post snaps of the home on their Instagram. Wintour also holds her annual Labor Day and Memorial Day celebrations at the estate. And she never misses featuring the property’s best features, especially the garden and interiors. Her home was also the venue of her children’s weddings in 2018 and 2014.

Design Inspiration

Anna Wintour’s fabulous home never fails to inspire and get any designer out of their mental block. It has the right mix of formal and informal features with its rustic interiors and carefully laid out and verdant gardens.

Wintour partnered with Carrier & Company, a Manhattan-based design firm, to decorate her home. And she contacted the celebrity landscaper Miranda Brooks to design the garden. The estate is steeped in Anna’s love of Swedish and French country home style.

The interior and exterior show off a combination of order and flexibility. Specifically, the architectural aspect of the home is well-planned, such as the angle and location of windows, rooms, and furniture pieces. But the aesthetic side of the home is also remarkable in a way that it makes room for a little experimentation on colors, decorations, and other additions. The interior design theme mainly focuses on stripes, florals and chintz, ruffles, neutrals, checks, and canopy beds. There are also accents of seagrass, worn wood, and wicker.

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Anna’s love for chic and classic styles can also be seen in her home. The textured greyish white walls make for a perfect backdrop for her big circle mirrors and huge framed artworks. She also opted to have wooden and antique furniture pieces (e.g. a coffee table with steel base and wooden top, bedside tables, cabinets), which give the interior area its chic and rustic vibe. She wrapped up the elegant look of the interior area with rugs, linens, and curtains with muted Earth colors.

Living room with a sofa and table
Small table with a lamp
Living room with a carpet

As a lover of the written word, Anna also has a dedicated space for her huge collection of books and magazines.

The main bedroom is fitted with huge windows. It also has its own small living area, small bookshelf, bedside lamps, a fireplace, and a huge art piece. Like the master bedroom, the other rooms are also furnished with floral linens and a bedside table with muted Earth colors.

Inside The Long Island Home Vogue's Anna Wintour Shared With Her Ex.

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Ann also seems to have a love for natural illumination as she opted for huge windows for all areas of the house, including the kitchen and dining area. She also has a dining table that can accommodate 10 people and a beautiful chandelier that hangs above it.


The exterior area is equally enchanting as the interior. Designed by celebrity landscaper Miranda Brooks, it shows off a carefully planned wilderness that’s both unassuming and natural.

As you enter the estate, you’ll go through a very simple wooden farm gate. Then, you’ll drive through a rough driveway cobbled from pebbles, sand, and dirt. The driveway is lined with high grass and cherry trees and ends up in a small gravel court, where ramblers with soft pink flowers grow.

Anna’s home has an expansive garden with a blend of the elements of randomness and order. She has potted pine trees, rambling roses, glades of cow parsley, Boxwood plants, and neatly clipped hedges. The garden opens out onto the waterfront. And there’s also a pool in the middle of it.

Anna Wintour’s Long Island home is unmistakably an expression of what she stands for – elegance, style, and unassuming luxury. No wonder her home always gets featured in lifestyle, architecture, and design magazines since she bought it a decade ago.


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