Longaberger Basket Building In Newark, USA

The Longaberger Basket Building: An Architectural Icon in Newark, USA

Lifting the veil of architectural conventionality unveils an array of imaginative structures, including the Longaberger Basket Building in Newark, USA. This building, shaped like a colossal picnic basket, with its whimsical form and scale never fails to evoke amazement from onlookers due to its unique details. It testifies that architecture holds boundless potential for creativity and symbolism as it celebrates novelty and nostalgia.

NBBJ, an internationally renowned architecture firm, broke ground on this architectural marvel in 1995 and reached its completion two years later. The enchanting yet somewhat perplexing postmodern masterpiece emerged through their concerted efforts. Within the welcoming realm of extraordinary architecture, The Longaberger Basket Building extended beyond traditional boundaries to become a memorable icon,  a genuinely striking spectacle.

longaberger basket building

The Longaberger Basket Building, a product linked to the company’s legacy, embodies postmodernism’s eclectic fusion of antiquity and novelty: it immerses itself in an exaggerated replication of a Longaberger medium market basket. Its ingenious exterior design, a stucco-covered steel structure, effectively mimics the texture and appearance of woven wicker; moreover, two 75-ton steel handles, typically heated for winter icing prevention, further enhance its uncanny realism.

NBBJ’s engineering ingenuity is evident in the impressive seven-story, 180-foot-tall structure. The building–despite its unusual external form; presents a more traditional office layout internally: it sprawls over approximately 180,000 square feet of considerable floor area.

You will enter a grand, open lobby area through the main entrance. The interior design here continues with the iconic woven aesthetic of Longaberger’s basket, featuring repeating motifs of interlacing patterns throughout. A collection of handcrafted baskets from the company decorates this lobby; it acts as an embodiment, a living museum, of the heart and soul belonging to Longaberger Company.

Comfortable office spaces, designed to maximize natural light and offer views of the surrounding landscape, reside on each floor the warm organic aesthetics of the exterior manifest within its interior through a modern yet functional interior design. By incorporating earth-toned colors and natural materials throughout its walls, it sustains an ambiance that echoes the basket-weaving craft’s spirit.

Originally designed to house the corporate headquarters of Longaberger Company, a manufacturer renowned for its handcrafted maple wood baskets, the structure held a distinct purpose. However, over time and with changes in ownership, it adopted a symbolic reflection of dynamic shifts in the local business landscape.

The Longaberger Basket Building, a beloved local landmark, stands at 1500 E Main St: Ohio; Newark – OH 43055. The current management may introduce variations in specific contact details, such as operating hours and additional resources. To obtain the most recent information, visit the official website of the building or utilize its listed contact number for direct communication.

Reportedly, the company committed around $30 million to construct this ambitious architectural wonder. Today, standing as a colossal basket,  it serves not only as an adored piece of architectural art but also symbolizes the identity of its owner and remains a timeless beacon for creativity amidst pervasive architectural uniformity.

Travel Inspired Living asserts: “Once considered the premier handmade basket company in the United States, The Longaberger Company now oversees a deserted basket-shaped home office; furthermore, their once-thriving events hub – the Longaberger Homestead, bears an eerie semblance to a ghost town.” Regrettably, shadows obscure what were once bustling towns; specifically, Dresden and Frazeysburg have seen better days. Thousands used to flock towards these sites for various occasions, yet this is no longer true.

 “I harbor a profound desire to have traversed through its lobby when it welcomed visitors, experiencing first-hand the panoramic view offered by its glass atrium. I remain hopeful that whoever acquires this edifice, which incidentally remains available for purchase, will restore it meticulously and generously open doors for guests.” The news site reports that they will transform the giant basket into a hotel with 150 rooms.

The charm of the Longaberger Basket Building is impossible to ignore, whether you are an architectural critic or a casual observer. Its audacious design eloquently exemplifies the limitless bounds of architectural creativity: it blends functionality with whimsical symbolism. Whether one marvels at its external grandeur—or becomes engrossed in the warmth radiating from detailed interiors—the Longaberger Basket Building guarantees an unforgettable encounter with monumental architectural ingenuity.

Further Information On The Longaberger Basket Building In Newark, USA

Date Construction started: 1995

Date Opened: 1997

Cost of building: $30 million

Architect: NBBJ and Korda Nemeth Engineering

Architectural style: Novelty architecture

Size or floor area: 180,000 square feet

Height: Over 29 feet tall

Function or purpose: Ofice Building

Address: 1500 E Main St, Newark, OH 43055, Ohio

Phone number: Not available


Opening hours: Daily 10:00-17:00

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