Victor Hedman’s Luxurious Tampa House: A Glimpse into the NHL Star’s Residence

Victor Hedman house

Victor Hedman, a prominent name in the National Hockey League (NHL), is not only known for his exceptional skills on the ice but also for his exquisite taste in real estate.

Victor Hedman’s hous

Victor Hedman’s house (Source: Redfin)

The defenseman, hailing from Tampa, Florida, has been making headlines with his remarkable house purchases.

Victor Hedman’s outside of the house

Victor Hedman’s outside of the house (Source: Redfin)

In this article, we delve into the details of Hedman’s stunning residence, uncovering the lavish features and captivating aspects that make it a true celebrity abode.

Where Does Victor Hedman Live Now?

Victor Hedman lives at 910 S Newport Ave, Tampa. The residence boasts a sprawling layout, encompassing approximately 4,346 square feet. Hedman acquired this magnificent property on a significant date, although the exact details of the purchase date remain undisclosed. The purchase price of the house amounted to a staggering $2,792,697, reflecting the upscale nature of the dwelling.

A Sneak Peek into the Interior of Hedman’s House

As we step inside Victor Hedman’s opulent residence, we are greeted by a contemporary interior design that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Victor Hedman’s entrance

Victor Hedman’s entrance (Source: Redfin)

The house is adorned with exquisite furniture and captivating art pieces, complementing the overall aesthetic.

Victor Hedman’s living room

Victor Hedman’s living room (Source: Redfin)

The furniture choices exude style and comfort, with plush seating arrangements and tastefully curated decor that reflects the athlete’s refined taste.

Victor Hedman’s bathroom

Victor Hedman’s bathroom (Source: Redfin)

The kitchen, a true culinary haven, features modern amenities including a Dacor gas range and contemporary cabinets that seamlessly merge style and functionality.

Victor Hedman’s kitchen

Victor Hedman’s kitchen (Source: Redfin)

Its design emphasizes functionality and aesthetics, allowing Hedman to indulge in his passion for culinary pursuits.

Victor Hedman’s bedroom

Victor Hedman’s bedroom (Source: Redfin)

The living room and dining area provide ample space for entertaining friends and family, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

A Marvelous Outdoor Area with a Massive Pool

Beyond the confines of the house, Victor Hedman’s residence boasts an impressive outdoor area that truly elevates the concept of luxury living.

Victor Hedman’s outdoor area

Victor Hedman’s outdoor area (Source: Redfin)

The house is complemented by a beautifully landscaped private backyard, complete with a refreshing pool that serves as a hub for family fun and entertainment.

Victor Hedman’s pool

Victor Hedman’s pool (Source: Redfin)

This stunning feature allows Hedman to unwind and relax in the serene surroundings of his own property.

Victor Hedman’s patio area

Victor Hedman’s patio area (Source: Redfin)

The patio area surrounding the pool is designed for comfort, featuring cozy seating arrangements and picturesque views.

Victor Hedman’s Neighborhood and Other Celebrities in the Area

Victor Hedman’s residence is situated in a coveted neighborhood in Tampa, known for its exclusivity and charm. The area attracts numerous high-profile individuals, including Kenan Thompson, John Cena and Tom Brady.

Victor Hedman’s neighborhood

Victor Hedman’s neighborhood (Source: Google Maps)

It comes as no surprise that Hedman’s choice of neighborhood reflects his desire for a tranquil and upscale living environment.

Other Houses Owned by Victor Hedman

While our focus remains primarily on Hedman’s main residence, it is worth noting that the ice hockey star owns other properties as well. Victor Hedman possesses several other properties, including a remarkable house located at 60 Martinique Ave.

Victor Hedman’s house in Davis Islands

Victor Hedman’s house in Davis Islands (Source: Realtor)

This exquisite residence, spanning 5,768 square feet, was acquired by Hedman for a notable sum of $3.95 million. To facilitate the purchase, he secured a mortgage of $2.7 million, as reported by Hillsborough County.

Victor Hedman’s living room in Davis Islands

Victor Hedman’s living room in Davis Islands (Source: Realtor)

Notably, in July, Hedman solidified his commitment to the Bolts by signing an impressive eight-year contract extension worth $63 million.

Victor Hedman’s bedroom in Davis Islands

Victor Hedman’s bedroom in Davis Islands (Source: Realtor)

The house, constructed in 2002, stands proudly on the prestigious Martinique Ave, surrounded by the city’s most opulent residences.

Victor Hedman’s pool in Davis Islands

Victor Hedman’s pool in Davis Islands (Source: Realtor)

Boasting five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, this home epitomizes luxury and elegance.

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