A Peek Inside Heather Dubrow’s $25.9 Million Beverly Hills House

heather dubrow house

Heather Dubrow, renowned actress and television personality, is the proud owner of a breathtaking house in Beverly Hills, California.

Heather Dubrow’s house

Heather Dubrow’s house

Heather Dubrow, with an impressive net worth of $70 million, has made a name for herself through her acting career and her appearance on the Bravo reality television series “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Let’s dive right into the story behind Heather Dubrow’s house, situated in the picturesque neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

Where Does Heather Dubrow Live Now?

Heather Dubrow lives at 1501 Tower Grove Dr, Beverly Hills, California. This stunning estate, purchased in 2023 for $25.9 million, is a testament to Dubrow’s exquisite taste and love for luxury. The house, spanning 8,997 square feet, sits on a nearly 8-acre parcel above Benedict Canyon, offering incredible views from Downtown L.A. to the Pacific Ocean. It boasts five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Inside Heather Dubrow’s House: A Blend of Grandeur and Elegance


Upon entering Heather Dubrow’s house, one is immediately impressed by its grandeur. The entrance hall boasts a magnificent staircase leading to a second-floor balcony, adorned with luxurious wrought iron railings.

Heather Dubrow's entryway

Heather Dubrow’s entryway

The high ceiling enhances the spaciousness, complemented by ample natural light flooding in through large windows. A graceful chandelier casts a warm glow, highlighting the architectural beauty of the room.

Heather Dubrow's entryway

Heather Dubrow’s entryway

Living Area

The living room features a modern design that combines warmth and functionality. A built-in wooden shelving unit complements the warm-toned walls, providing both style and storage. The central fireplace serves as a focal point for warmth, while plush seating and a versatile ottoman enhance comfort and functionality.

Heather Dubrow's living area

Heather Dubrow’s living area

The grand piano, that Heather took from her former house “Dubrow Chateau”, adds a touch of luxury, while a patterned rug on smooth flooring adds texture and contrast.

Dining Area

The dining area, with its lofty ceiling, emanates an airy and spacious feel. A lavish chandelier hangs above the table, casting a soft glow.

Heather Dubrow's dining area

Heather Dubrow’s dining area

White curtains adorn the large windows, allowing ample natural light to illuminate the space. An ornate fireplace adds sophistication, while a grey table and eight white chairs furnish the room, accented by decorative bottles on three-tiered trays.


Heather Dubrow’s kitchen beautifully blends style and practicality, boasting rich brown wooden cabinetry and classic design. A large window floods the space with natural light, illuminating polished countertops and modern appliances.

Heather Dubrow's kitchen

Heather Dubrow’s kitchen

Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling add a rustic charm, harmonizing with contemporary touches like the geometric-patterned floor. An island counter with two chairs serves as the focal point, marrying functionality with elegance.

Heather Dubrow’s House Outdoor Area: A Blend of Nature and Luxury

Perched atop a hill, Heather Dubrow’s house offers a sweeping view of the cityscape and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The house’s symmetrical layout and steeply pitched roof add to its grandeur, making it a sight to behold.


The driveway leads to the house, surrounded by well-kept gardens enhancing its appeal. The classic architecture features a symmetrical facade, steep roof, and prominent gables. White walls contrast elegantly with dark roofing. Large windows provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views.

Heather Dubrow's exterior

Heather Dubrow’s exterior

Pool Area

The focal point outdoors is a spacious pool reflecting the clear sky, surrounded by a stone patio for relaxation and entertainment. The design blends seamlessly with nature, featuring blooming plants strategically placed around the pool.

Heather Dubrow's pool

Heather Dubrow’s pool

A low boundary wall preserves uninterrupted views of the expansive green landscape merging with the distant cityscape under clear skies.

Outdoor Dining Area

The outdoor dining area seamlessly blends modern and rustic elements. A large wooden table with contemporary chairs sits beneath a canopy of mature trees, illuminated by elegant lighting. Stone tile paving adds rustic charm, while a minimalist white building complements the natural surroundings without overshadowing them.

Heather Dubrow's outdoor dining area

Heather Dubrow’s outdoor dining area

Heather Dubrow’s Neighborhood

Heather Dubrow’s new mansion is nestled in Beverly Hills, renowned for its opulence, allure, and star-studded residents. Situated in proximity to the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, the neighborhood exudes luxury and sophistication at every turn. Among its esteemed residents are acclaimed figures like Adele, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and more, adding to the neighborhood’s prestige and exclusivity.

Other Houses Owned by Heather Dubrow

In 2022, Heather Dubrow made headlines with the acquisition of a lavish penthouse in Century City. Spanning an impressive 5,254 square feet, this opulent residence features 2 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, offering unobstructed views of the city skyline. This addition to the Dubrow’s property portfolio further solidifies their status as connoisseurs of luxury real estate.

Heather Dubrow’s penthouse
Heather Dubrow’s penthouse

Heather Dubrow’s penthouse

Their collection of properties also includes a former home in Orange County, where Heather famously filmed “The Real Housewives.” You can read more about the “Château Dubrow” that holds sentimental value for the family, on our site.

In an interview, Heather Dubrow shared her excitement about the latest acquisition, revealing that they had explored various locations, including Cabo, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and Palm Springs, in their quest for the perfect property.

Facts About Heather Dubrow

  1. Who is Heather Dubrow?
    Heather Dubrow is a television personality, actress, and entrepreneur best known for her appearances on reality television shows and her role on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”
  2. When was Heather Dubrow born?
    Heather Dubrow was born on January 5, 1969.
  3. What is Heather Dubrow’s net worth?
    Heather Dubrow’s net worth is estimated to be $70 million.
  4. Who is Heather Dubrow married to?
    Heather Dubrow is married to Terry Dubrow, a renowned plastic surgeon and television personality.
  5. How many children does Heather Dubrow have?
    Heather Dubrow has four children with her husband Terry Dubrow.
  6. What is Heather Dubrow’s career background?
    Heather Dubrow began her career as an actress, appearing in various television shows and films before transitioning into reality television. She has also ventured into entrepreneurship, with endeavors in skincare and lifestyle brands.

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