Inside Lauryn Hill’s South Orange House: A Tour of Her New Jersey Home

lauryn hill house

Lauryn Hill’s house in South Orange, New Jersey, is a testament to her unique blend of creativity and luxury. The house, one of two she owns in the area, is nestled in the affluent and diverse community of South Orange. The elegant brick design and sprawling 5,132 square feet of living space epitomize Hill’s enduring success and influence.

Lauryn Hill’s house

Lauryn Hill’s house

Where Does Lauryn Hill Live Now?

Lauryn Hill lives at 441 Twin Oak Rd, South Orange, New Jersey. In 1997, the legendary singer and songwriter, Lauryn Hill, made headlines with the purchase of her stunning residence in the quaint city of South Orange, New Jersey.

Lauryn Hill’s house, a spacious property encompassing several acres, was purchased for $430,000. The residence boasts a sprawling 5,132 square feet of living space, featuring five bedrooms and five bathrooms, making it a perfect fit for her growing family.

Inside Lauryn Hill’s Contemporary House

The interior of Lauryn Hill’s house reflects her artistic sensibilities. While specific details about the furniture, art, kitchen, and decor style are not publicly available, one can imagine a home filled with eclectic art pieces, comfortable furniture, and a kitchen that caters to a large family. Given Hill’s love for music, it wouldn’t be surprising to find a state-of-the-art music system and perhaps even a home studio.

Lauryn Hill’s House Outdoor Area

The house features a brick facade, lending it a timeless and sturdy appeal. Its symmetrical design conveys balance and harmony. The central entrance boasts a wooden door with sidelights and an arched transom window, common in traditional architecture for elegance and natural light. A gable roof with shingles complements the classic look.

Lauryn Hill’s exterior

Lauryn Hill’s exterior

The thoughtfully landscaped front yard includes shrubs and trees that enhance the serene environment and provide privacy. A concrete pathway leads to the front steps, offering easy access for residents and visitors.

The Neighborhood of Lauryn Hill’s Main House

South Orange, New Jersey, is known for its affluent and diverse community. It’s a neighborhood that offers privacy and tranquility, making it a perfect place for celebrities like Lauryn Hill.

Notably, her neighbors include Chris Broussard, a well-known sports analyst, and John Davidson, a respected television personality. While it’s not known if other celebrities live in the area, the community is known for its wealth and variety of people.

Other Houses Owned by Lauryn Hill

In addition to her main residence in South Orange, Lauryn Hill owned another house in the area. Located at 22 Luth Ter, West Orange, New Jersey, in 2011 Lauryn Hill purchased the house for $820,000. This property is a bit more modest compared to her main home but still offers a comfortable and luxurious living space.

Lauryn Hill’s former house

Lauryn Hill’s former house

The house boasts three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and spans over 8,800 square feet. It provided ample room for Lauryn and her family, blending both elegance and functionality.

Despite its charm and spaciousness, Lauryn Hill sold this property in 2021 for $635,000. The sale marked a significant moment as it reflected the fluctuating real estate market and perhaps a shift in Lauryn’s personal or financial strategies.

Lauryn Hill’s former house interior
Lauryn Hill’s former house interior

Lauryn Hill’s former house interior

Facts About Lauryn Hill

  1. Who is Lauryn Hill?
    Lauryn Noelle Hill (born May 26, 1975) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She is regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time, as well as one of the most influential musicians of her generation.
  2. What is Lauryn Hill’s most famous album?
    Lauryn Hill’s most famous album is ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. It was released in 1998 and has been critically acclaimed.
  3. What awards has Lauryn Hill won?
    Lauryn Hill has won numerous awards, including eight Grammy Awards — the most for any female rapper. She was the first female hip hop artist to win the Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album (with The Fugees), and Best New Artist.
  4. What is Lauryn Hill’s latest achievement?
    Lauryn Hill’s album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ was recently named the No. 1 Album of All-Time by Apple Music.
  5. What is Lauryn Hill’s discography?
    Lauryn Hill has released one studio album, one live album, and 20 singles (including nine singles as a featured artist). She has also written for and performed on several other tracks.
  6. What is Lauryn Hill’s latest song or album?
    As of now, Lauryn Hill’s latest album is ‘MTV Unplugged No. 2.0’, released in 2002.
  7. What is Lauryn Hill’s personal life like?
    Lauryn Hill is the mother of six children with Rohan Marley, the fourth son of reggae musician Bob Marley.

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